FabFitFun Autumn Member’s Edit Box Review

fab fit fun member edit box autumn 2020

It has been quite some time since my last FabFitFun box. If I am not mistaken, it has been exactly one year. Way too long! For that reason, I decided to sign up for the subscription service again, especially after seeing some sneak peaks at the autumn edition.

Then how did I end up with the Members edit box? Well, it seems that the autumn box was super popular but also, I signed up quite late this time around so I missed out on the autumn box. No biggie. There is always the winter box comping up soon.

So let’s see whether the Member’s edit box was worth it or not.

What did the FabFitFun Member’s edit box contain? (at least what mine did)

PJ Salvage Faux Trim Cable Slippers M/L1 × $45.00

Tarte™ SEA Drink Of H2O Hydrating Boost Moisturizer1 × $39.00

Grown Alchemist Hydra-Repair Day Cream: Camellia & Geranium Blossom1 × $49.00

Cuccio Somatology™ CALM + CLEAN Epsom Salt Hand And Body Wash1 × $39.95

SKIN&Co Roma Truffle Therapy Whipped Cleansing Cream1 × $28.00

MakeupDrop Hybrid Makeup Applicator1 × $20.00

WEI™ Two-In-One Purify And Glow Mask Collection1 × $45.00

Winky Lux Uni-Brow Universal Eyebrow Pencil1 × $16.00

fab fit fun member edit box autumn 2020
fab fit fun member edit box autumn 2020
fab fit fun member edit box autumn 2020

What was the total value of the box and how much did I spend on it?

The total value of the box was $281. 95 and the total cost of getting the box in the UK was $71.98 including taxes and shipping. That is not that bad! If I am not mistaken, I actually ended up paying less as I had $15 in credit from before.

Had I gotten this season’s box, the total value might have been bigger. It really comes down to the items you choose and which are selected for you. Since I only qualified for the members edit due to signing up really late this time around, my choices were limited and I chose to be surprised as I did not like any of the options I had. If you don’t want this to happen to you, sign up as fast as you can!


This review won’t be long. I am just going to share a few thoughts with your in regards to this box.

First of all, I am pretty happy with the box and the content. I always loved receiving a FabFitFun box cause it is quite different from anything available on the UK market. The boxes I got always contained products hard to find or simply not available in the UK or the EU. This edition is no different.

Do I wish I had gotten the seasonal box? Yes, for sure. However, the member’s edit is nothin to frown upon ether. I just did not get to choose some of the items I might have wanted, however despite this surprise, I am happy with the choices the FabFitFun have made for me. In fact, I am really happy with the products and everything I tried so far is pretty great as well.

Was the box worth the money? For me it was. I do admit that I was a upset at first, but then I got to try the products and play with them in real life which made me appreciate them more. I don’t love surprises that much which is why this box threw me for a loop, but in the end I actually started appreciating it, if not even loving it.

I would not be upset to get a similar box next season. However, that won’t happen as now I am already subscribed so I can make the first billing date and get to choose at least three products, as per my seasonal membership. Oh right. If you do not know how this service works, I wrote an article which covers all the basis and you can read it here. So yeah, I actually love this edit and I am looking forward to the next season’s box. I really missed these.

Overall, great box filled with new products for me to discover & review.

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What do you think of the FanFitFun? Are you a subscriber?

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