GlossyBox September Beauty Box Review

It has also been a while since I last reviewed a GlossyBox. In fact, it has been one year. Last year I subscribed so that I could get the Beauty Advent Calendar for less (and I did get it for less). This year I subscribed again after 12 months so that I would have the opportunity to do so again in case I wanted the calendar (I decided to skip it).

Here are my thoughts on the box.

Glossy Box September edition

Getting the September edition was an easy choice for me, even if I have not been a regular subscriber of this service in years. I knew that the box would contain a product from Avant Skincare.

Avant Skincare is a pretty expensive brand which I happen to like. Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to get their entire product range at a very affordable price. The offer was at a retailer that does not specialise in beauty, but in home decor & furniture so I decided to skip it. It was too strange for me and as I said, the products are expensive and the offer seemed too good to be true even if I do trust said retailer. I kinda felt sorry for skipping it, as afterwards I started using more and more of the products I had and I really enjoyed them all. Now, I am trying my best not to skip on any opportunities, within reason, that would get me more Avent Skincare products, such as the September edition of the Glossy Box.

So you now know why I signed up, beside the option to get the advent calendar at a discount.

Was it worth it?

Well, this one is a tricky one. I am happy with my choice as I got yet another Avant Skincare product to try, but the rest of the products are just ok or meh. This is not the worst edition of the GlossyBox. From all my boxes in the past 3 years which were less than 10 in total, this is one of the best ones.

In addition to the Avant Skincare product, the other product I am most excited about is the Generation Skin eye patches. Generation Skin is a brand I have not tried many products from, however I have been following them on social media for years now. Curious to try this product.

The box also contained a shower mousse from Imperial Leather, the papaya enzyme peel from Wishful by Huda, a body scrub and a chocolate from Lindt (this was quite welcome). It has been a while since I had any chocolate in the house and Lindt is my to go so at least this one won’t go to waste.

Look, you know I am all about no BS so I am going to tell it to you straight. If it were not for the Avant Skincare product which is worth somewhere around Β£70, I would most likely (definitely) not gotten the box. That was the only item that I actually wanted. For that one product, it made total sense to get this box as I clearly got more value for my money.

Once I decided not to get the advent calendar, I gave up my subscription and I am not at all sorry. If there is ever one such product that would make sense for me to subscribe to the service again in order to get it, I might resubscribe, but otherwise I really do not think the GlossyBox service is one that you should stay subscribed to, not when the boxes go on offer every single month so you have the choice to sign up again and take advantage of the discounts.

What do you think of GlossyBox?

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