A different kind of Black Friday: 23% off everything at deciem

Deciem decided once again to do a different kind of Black Friday, better yet, an anti-BlackFriday sort of event which will take place for the entire month of November.

While I loved Deciem’s usual BlackFriday events, this new type of marketing scheme (let’s be honest – at its core, it is still marketing) makes more sense for everyone involved. Not only does their website not crash, but you get to choose the products you want without the pressure or feeling rushed. Plus, you get the opportunity to explore each and every product as well as explore alternative offers that will be released throughout the month. This is actually great for promoting more conscious buying without missing out on profit.

Okay, so what does this whole thing actually mean? Well, you can now shop the entire Deciem range which includes The Ordinary, Hylamide, NIOD and more and pay 23% less for your chosen products.

Not sure what to buy? Here are my top choices.

Deciem product recommendations

Hylamide Pore Control

One of my favourite products from Deciem is actually the Pore Control Serum from Hylamide. This product is one that I got through one of their previous Black Friday events as part of a set and I am glad that I went for it. Normally, the product is pretty pricey compared to the more affordable range from the Ordinary. Never having tried anything from this other brand under the Deciem umbrella I was understandably nervous, especially since at the time I was an unemployed student. I could not be as careless as I sometimes am now. Anyway, I tried this product and I loved it.

A full review is available here. However, this serum changed the look of my pores and that of my skin completely. My pores were much less visible and my skin was no longer oily even after hours and hours of wearing makeup. In the evenings when I would get home, my makeup would still look pretty okay which was a welcome bonus. Furthermore, after interrupting treatment, the effects did not go away straight away. My pores still looked much, much better even months later.

This product is definitely worth a try. Get it here.

Hylamide Pore Flush

Another product that i recommend is the Pore Flush from Hylamide. Like the previous product, this one is also a bit pricier so what better time to try it than now?

Okay, so the first thing you should know is that the product does not have the most pleasant of smells. It is not horrible, but to I am not in love with it either. On the other hand, the product is effective. It actually flushes your pores, so to speak. Your pores will look super clean after repeated use. I know it sound like such BS, but I am actually serious. This product helps you achieve clear pores which you can then try and minimise using products such as the Pore Control or even Niacinamide.

Get it here

Hand Chemistry Pro Repair .

A product that is probably even less known than the above and one that I love is the Pro-repair Hand Cream from the Chemistry Brand. The hand cream is pretty darn perfect these days, especially if you wash your hands often and/or use sanitising gels or gloves.

Get it here.

Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 2%

However, the product that I repurchase the most and not just from this brand, but in general. TBH I don’t think I ever repurchased any other product as much as I have this one, is the Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% from The Ordinary.

This product here is one of the best beauty products I ever used in my life. I never thought I would say this, but it is true. With the help of Niacinamide, but more specifically this formulation here, I managed to achieve significantly more clear skin and less breakouts. I tried so many wrong things over the years in order to get rid of acne, you probably know what that is like, if not you are lucky and you should show your appreciation to your skin. Yo should show it regardless, but you know what I mean.

I got acne at a very embarrassing age – at around 18. That is like the worst time to get it. Not only I was supposed to do photo shoots for finishing school and all that, but I was also close to leaving for college. I went to college on the other side of the continent which was like a new start, with new people who did not know the old me so getting the breakouts out of the way before that would have been nice. It so did not happen. Look, I know I am being super dramatic here, not sure why really, but getting past this stage would have been better if it had happened at the same time as for the rest of my classmates/friends and not after.

I was super oblivious at that time and beauty products were not really a priority. I did take care of my skin, but not to the extent I do so now. It was before my obsession started 🙂 As you can imagine, the situation with my breakouts only got worse. I never got a full face of spots (thankfully), but I started developing cystic acne which is not only not an age related condition, but it is a painful one at that.

I am not going to claim that I found the miracle cure for cystic acne, not by far However, this product from The Ordinary did help me quite a lot. Niacinamide helped speed up the spot lifecycle in a way, so basically it would do its thing much faster so I could get rid of it much faster as a consequence, At least it feels like it. What is most likely happening is that Niacinamide reduces inflammation and promotes natural cellular repair processes. This means that the spots are becoming less painful, but also that the skin is trying to repair itself. In addition to this, with the help of Niacinamide, I got less scarring and even the apperance of existing scarring improved.

My point is that I tried many products in trying to deal with my skin issues and Niacinamide seems to be the best ingredient for me. There are various products on the market formulated with this ingredient, however this is one of the best ones I tried so far as well as one of the most affordable ones.

Get it here.

There you have it. These are the products I recommend you try from Deciem. I have tried more, but I am not quite ready to publish an opinion on those and definitely not ready to recommend them. Not because I am trying to hide some great gems from you, definitely not. I would not do that, plus what would I have to gain? No, it is more like I cannot decide whether the products are worth a mention or not.

Shop the Deciem offers here.

Which products from Deciem do you recommend?

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