Latest in Beauty Black Friday Offers

Hello! I am back for a little while. Okay, popping a bit on here before work so that I can share a new Black Friday offer that just went live at Latest in Beauty. Okay, okay, not just, but actually a few hours ago, but it was after midnight where I am and I have work this morning. You know how it is, right? Please excuse the brief delay and read on as this ought to be good.

I also feel like I am loosing my groove a bit here so fingers crossed I won’t say something weird, too weird. I rewrote the first paragraph a few times already and this has been happening more often than I feel comfortable. Talking about new Black Friday offers is definitely not my thing. If anything comes out too sell-sy, my sincere apologies. That is definitely not my intention. All I want is to bring you new opportunities to purchase or learn about great offers and products.

Without further ado, yes really, here are the Latest in Beauty offers you might want to check out:

First we have these amazing two beauty boxes from The Sunday Times Style which i talked more about here. These are perhaps some of the best beauty boxes that Latest in Beauty ever launched. At least they are in my opinion.

The India Knight box is now reduced from £45 to £36 and it is available for purchase here. While the BeautyBoss box was initially priced at £50 and now it can be yours for £40 instead. The BeautyBoss box is available for purchase here.

Then we have some beauty boxes that have been out for a while, but I have not mentioned on here before.

This is the Hello! Celebrity Glow Getters Beauty Box. This box contains some pretty great products such as the Repair Serum from De Sebagh which to this day remains one of my favourite hyaluronic acid serums. The box has a value of over £177 and now the price has been reduced from £40 to £24.

You can purchase the Hello! Celebrity Glow Getters Box here.

Another beauty box that just went on offer from Latest in Beauty is this other collaboration with Hello! This is the Hello! The Royal Treatment Box and this is a relatively new launch. The box has a value of £114 and it can be yours for just £30, reduced from £38.

Then we have some beauty boxes that were released for Black Friday.

One such Black Friday beauty box launch is this Fabulous Liltte Black Box. The box contains some pretty interesting products. personally, I am quite intrigued by the product from L’Occitane as despite being quite fond of the brand, I have not seen it nor tried it before. There is a bit more makeup in this box than what I hoped for, but it still looks pretty interesting.

The box has a value of £136 and it can be yours for just £36, reduced from £45. Get the Fabulous Little Black Box here.

Another box that launched for Black Friday is this LIB Best of 2020 box. This beauty box has a value of £102 and it can be yours for just £32 (reduced from £40). Get it here.

Last, but not least, we have a grooming box.

If you do not know what to get for the men in your life, then this box might be worth a closer look. The Grooming box is worth £113 and you can purchase it for £28 (reduced from £35). You can find the Grooming box here

As you can see, there are quite a few beauty deals worth having a look at Latest in Beauty. Sadly, their beauty advent calendar is now sold out, but you can build your own “calendar” through these boxes. At least that is how I see it. By combining some of these boxes you get both over 25 products and quite an amazing value for the price of an advent calendar. The only thing missing is a classic calendar box, but quite a few retailers ditched it anyway this year.

The boxes are pretty good and they offer a bit for everyone. Personally, if I were to get just a couple, I would definitely go for the Sunday Times Style ones. I have been tempted by both of the boxes since I originally posted them on this blog. I am even more tempted now. That does not mean that there are no other boxes worth purchasing. Everyone has different tastes and needs :).

Grab your Latest in Beauty Box offers here.

What do you think of this Black Friday offer from Latest in Beauty?

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  1. Tara

    The India Knight must have sold out very early this morning and very quickly, I took a look before work around 8ish and was already gone! The Glow one was such a bargain at £24 and had Olverum bath oil and Dr Sebagh. I deliberated and then missed out on that too. There’s still the other Sunday Times box left for £40, but I’m not convinced I need it. I would really on get it for the Dr Sebagh tanning drops and The Inky List, but I’m sure I could make use of the other stuff. The sunscreens not for a while :-). I got a Cult Beauty Starter kit last night, £24 reduced from £30. it contains things I wanted to try like the Plenaire cleanser and Cicaplast sleeping mask, seems good value (worth over £90). Will see what deals and bargains come up tomorrow! Hopefully even more.

    1. Nana

      I am sorry to hear that the boxes sold out. I know about the India Knight as I was tempted once again to get it, but after writing the article I hesitated and wanted until this afternoon. By that time, it was gone. The box was still available at 7.30 AM UK time so you most likely just missed it

      1. Tara

        Ah don’t worry, deals seem to get snapped up very quickly! Just a note about Skin Store and your new post, have been people been saying they’ve successfully ordering from them? I read a lot of bad reviews on Trustpilot and avoided it.

      2. Nana

        There is a reader who said they were successful. Personally I have yet to try it. I had issues accessing international websites until recently

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