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This is going to be quick, but this new offer from ColourPop is too good to skip. The US based makeup brand is running one of their usual Black Friday offers at this time and that is offering 30% off site-wide. This is a rare occasion to buy new makeup at even more affordable prices. And just in time for the holidays.

Okay, that is what I normally would have written. This year is different though. However, despite these strange circumstances, the ColourPop offer is still a good one and one you can and even should take advantage of. Not only does the brand offer amazing eyeshadow palettes which are still wearable, even at this time, but actually, ColourPop has two sister brands. One of the sister brands – FourthRay Beauty offers skincare products and the other, Sol Body offers more body care items and body makeup. There is still something you can choose from even now.

OKay, so if you live in the US, you already know how ordering from ColourPop works. However, if you live in the UK, you also do not have to worry. The process is very simple and I detailed it here. You can still shop even if you do not live in any of the two countries, just that the delivery process and customs tax procedures are different.

What do I recommend you try from ColourPop?

Credit: ColourPop

Their 9 pan eyeshadow palettes are pretty darn cute, but also kinda great, The shadows are usually super pigmented and easy to blend. I reviewed one of the eyeshadow palettes here.

You can get the eyeshadow palettes as a set or separate.

Credits: ColourPop

This is the Mini Bouquet Super Shock Shadows Set. I purchased it recently and I absolutely love the two shadows. However, my experience with these type of shades is pretty vast and for good reason. The Super Shock Shadows are so different from anything else I ave tried before. They are so soft and a bit wet to the touch. They glide on the eyelids with easy and don’t leave a dusty residue behind. They are actually creamy. I honestly do not know how else to describe them. However, they are not liquid nor gel like.

There are many more products that I like from the brand, such as this Hyaluron Tinted Moisturiser, their ultra glossy lip and so juicy lip glosses (here), however these products are less useful at this time.

What to get from FourthRay Beauty?

Credits: ColourPop

This Detox Mask is pretty amazing. They changed the package since I last purchased it, but hopefully not the formula. This is a more gentle version of the GlamGlow one and yet it is just as effective. It is definitely easier to remove and does not harden too much. I prefer this one over the other one. You can get it here.

Credits: ColourPop

Another “dupe” that I love is this Powder Exfoliator from Fourth Ray Beauty. Not only is this super effective and does a great job, but it does not smells as strong and it is a bit more pleasant to use than other products of its kind and definitely more affordable than other products on the market. You can get it here.

In addition, FourthRay Beauty sells a lot of “milks”. These are perfect for those who love a really lightweight moisturiser. However, there is quite the variety so it is hard to find the perfect one straight away. There are a lot more products, but I will let you discover them yourself. It really comes down to what you need and what you want to try.

What to get from Sol Body?

Credits: ColourPop

I only tried one product from Sol Body and that is the dry shimmering oil. Since we are rapidly approaching the festive season, these dry oils might be worth a try. Personally, I tried this lilac one and to my surprise, I actually liked it. I never saw myself wearing anything like this, but I managed to pull it off and it looked really good and classy. Of course, this festive season will be different, but a bit of glitter can be worn inside the house as well. The upcoming season can be as festive as you want to make it be. Things are not the same, but I find it important to always find a reason to celebrate even if via Skype.

You can find the dry shimmering oils here.

Hope you enjoyed this article. I tried to recommend some of my favourite products, but the products offered by ColourPop do tend to change often. Also, I find that ColourPop, being so diverse, is more about finding something that you consider interesting rather than going based on someone else’s recommendation. There is a lot to choose from, so try to go for what you think will fit YOU. Please keep in mind that products do tend to sell out fast and they take time to get back in stock, especially these days.

Shop ColourPop here.

Do you have any favourite products from ColourPop?

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