Ritual of Jing Nourishing Shampoo

ritual of jing - ritual of dao - shampoo

Today I want to talk to you a bit about the Nourishing Shampoo from Rituals. This is the first shampoo that I have ever gotten from the brand. I might have tried quite a lot from the brand across its various ranges, but this is my very first shampoo. I had no idea what to expect, what the quality would be like but at least I got it in my favorite scent.

This Shampoo from Ritual of Jing actually has the exact same scent as the Ritual of Dao which has now been discontinued. I talked here how I did not really believe it at first and then ended up getting the reed diffuser to see for myself whether it was indeed the case. It was and now I decided to try something else, something I have never tried before.

Ritual of Jing Nourishing Shampoo Review

As mentioned above, this shampoo is the very first that I got from Rituals. I was quite excited to try it. I love trying new stuff.

The shampoo has a creamy texture, but not to the likes of those from Sol de Janeiro (Brazilian Joia) or Davines’ Oi. So while creamy, the shampoo is a bit more liquid, less thick in texture. I cannot say that I mind as thick shampoos are hard to get out of the bottle, but with this one you might end up using a bit more product than intended.

The shampoo did a good job at cleansing my hair. Despite the shampoo being nourishing, it did not leave my hair super soft and flat. I was quite surprised and happy to notice that. My hair is pretty flat and I generally look for shampoos that help with the issue so that I do not always have to resort to styling products. I took the chance on this shampoo at this time as it is not like I am leaving the house often, but I was still happy to see that it did not leave my hair super flat. There was a bit of volume and bounce to it. The results are not quite as I would like them to be a shampoo that provides volume, but this shampoo is a nourishing one and not a voluminizing one. In that sense, the Ritual of Jing does a good job; the shampoo leaves the hair a bit more nourished.

ritual of jing - ritual of dao - shampoo

The one thing that I did not like and yet liked at the same time is the packaging. The bottle is sleek and beautiful. You need to press on one side of the cap to open it. This should be easy to do, but found it quite difficult. You need to apply a bit more pressure than with other bottles which means that it could become a problem if trying to open it with wet fingers. At the same time, given that the bottle is harder to open, there is smaller chances of it leaking.

Another thing that I would like to add is that this shampoo feels quite luxurious and yet it does not set you back too much. The shampoo is more on the affordable side, but still a bit above the average price of a drugstore shampoo.

ritual of jing - ritual of dao - shampoo

Overall, I enjoyed the Ritual of Jing shampoo and love the fragrance. The fragrance is super relaxing and it always puts me in a good mood. This is one of the reasons why I would keep purchasing it. Otherwise, the shampoo is good, but not really the kind of shampoo I like using and not truly one that meets my most important additional need – that of volume. However, this isa good and high quality product that does what it is supposed to do. There is no reason I cannot think of to not recommend it. This is a good option if you are in the market for a nourishing shampoo.

Where can you purchase the nourishing shampoo from Ritual of Jing?

Have you tried any haircare from Rituals? Are you tempted to give this product a try?

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