LeBon Toothpaste – Le White

I am back again with a review of a dental care product. You probably know that I am not super fond of writing these, not because I do not care for dental care products, no, that is definitely not the case, but because I am not a professional and would hate to provide misleading information and also because I am not sure how to write up my thoughts. This new dental care product in question is the Lebon Toothpaste that was included in the Oh My Cream Advent Calendar.

Lebon Toothpaste Le White Review

This was my first time trying Lebon products and my first impressions were good. I love that the toothpaste in a clean product and that unlike supermarket products, this one does not foam as much. The fact that the tube the product comes in is cute and looks gorgeous on your bathroom vanity does not hurt, but it does not add any value at the end of the day. When it comes to dental care what matters is a product that works and one that is good for your teeth and overall dental hygiene.

The fact that this product does not foam as much is welcomed. It is very welcomed as far as I am concerned. However my issue with the product is the flavour, as it always is. The Lebon Le White has a flavour of Sweet Mint and Green Tea. That is what the tube says at least. Honestly, I am not sure what I sense. What I do know is that this product reminds me of a bit of Marvis toothpastes (maybe the purple one?) but this toothpaste from Lebon has the exact same test as what I imagine the hand creams from Royal Apothecary tasting, not that I have ever tried tasting them, but based on the fragrance this is what I imagine them tasting like. For those of who are not familiar with either products I tried to make a weird comparison to, I sense something flowery which is the last thing I want to find in my toothpaste.

As for the whitening bit, I might have noticed a very slight improvement. There is less staining and my teeth do seem brighter. Okay, they are not professionally achieved white-white, but they do look a bit better. I do have to say that I do not have a lot of staining, but the results were still good. Overall, the results will definitely differ from one person to another. One thing that I did like was that I did not feel like my teeth were stripped. That is due to the enzymatic whitening process.

It might not seem like it, but I actually liked the Lebon toothpaste. The flavour is this case was not my cup of tea, but the quality of the product is high. Again, I am not a professional so I cannot claim that I know whether this product is good for your teeth or even if it is better than the usual supermarket paste, but I liked it and would love to try more from the brand. However, not in this flavour. Nope. I recommend trying the toothpaste at least once to see what you think, but maybe avoid this particular flavour.

The product is Fluoride free, SLS free, artificial coloring free, Triclosan free, Saccharing free, Titanium dioxide free, Sulfate free, Gluten free, Microbreads free and does not contain any PEG.

Where can you purchase Lebon products from?

Have you ever tried Lebon? Are you curious to give the brand a try?

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