Hyggee Relief Blue Flower Mask

hyggee relief blow flower mask

Today we are going to talk about the Hyggee Relief Blue Flower Mask. I never talked about the brand before so hopefully this is going to be something interesting to read. Have you tried the brand before? I haven’t even though one of their products was included in the SkinCity advent calendar in 2019. Oh, this product was also from a SkinCity advent calendar, but the 2020 edition. Anyway, here are my thoughts.

Hyggee Relief Blue Flower Mask Review

Sheet masks, dear sheet masks. I now that many people love them, but I am not quite there. Don’t get me wrong, I do like most, but there are so many duds and the prices are just…I do prefer to create my own though as I do realise the impact a good sheet masks has on the skin. More about that later. In the meantime, let’s talk about this already prepared sheet mask that you can purchase as is.

The Hyggee Blue Relief Flower Mask is a good sized sheet mask. It should fit most people perfectly. Those of you who have a smaller sized head might find it a bit too big, but perhaps not. I am not trying to offend anyone here. I am big headed (physically) and there are quite a few sheet masks that are just too small for me. Too bad it is usually the best ones on the market. This is definitely a point in this mask’s favour!

Okay, as for the serum, there is a huge amount of serum. That is not quite okay. Sometimes there is not enough which is also not okay, but too much it is not okay either. That not only ups the price of a product, but it can also go to waste. Small things do make a difference (yes, I know…look who is talking, but still!). So the Relief Blue Flower Mask has lots of serum. It drips. I cannot say that I was super fond of that, however unlike other masks this one stopped dripping once I applied it. I did not get any product in my eyes at least, which is surprising. However, the pouch did have a lot of serum left. You can either open the mask when you have a friend nearby so they can perhaps create their own sheet mask with the remaining serum or just apply it directly. You can also try to save it for following day, but I am not sure how well it will keep. Perhaps store in the fridge? Maybe not every mask is the same, but in my experience there was way too much serum left.

The serum did not have the most pleasant of fragrances, but it was pretty alright regardless. The mask was also effective. It was soothing and hydrating, but that is the result you pretty much achieve with any sheet mask aka by keeping a larger amount of serum and allowing it to absorb over a prolonged period of time. I cannot really say that this mask did more than your run of the mill sheet mask. What I mean is that the mask worked, it was effective, but I did not notice any other effects than what I would observe by using other such product. Don’t get me wrong, this is a good mask, but I was simply not impressed. I would say good, but not good enough? I would definitely use these masks if I were to receive them again, but I would not purchase them, not really.

Honestly I was quite surprised by not noticing more positive effects. The ingredient list is pretty good to be honest. But along some of the ingredients that I loooove such as Niacinamide and Centella Asiatica Extract, there is also Alcohol which is bad for dry and sensitive skin and also Glyceryl Stearate which is not good for oily skin as it can block pores. You cannot win *shrug.

Where can you purchase the Relief Blue Flower Sheet Mask from Hyggee?

If you do want to give this sheet mask a try, then you can find it at:

Have you tried this sheet mask beforE? How do you feel about sheet masks in general?

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