SkinStore x Sunday Riley Limited Edition Bag (Worth $230)

I was just writing a different post about how I am swamped with deadlines and yet, despite feeling a bit off, I still wanted to post an actual review. It seems that it is not going to happen and instead, I am sharing yet another beauty deal.

This beauty deal is perhaps unlike any other I shared on this blog before. The deal is good, but the products I am not so sure about. Curious to see what I am going on about? See below.

Sunday Riley x SkinStore Limited Edition Bag Contents

  • Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment – Travel Size – Worth $43
  • Ice Ceramide Moisturizing Cream – Travel Size – Worth $20
  • Auto Correct Eye Cream – Full Size – Worth $65
  • C.E.O. 15% Vitamin C Brightening Serum – Travel Size – Worth $48
  • Luna Sleeping Night Oil – Full Size – Worth $55
  • Sunday Riley Headband – Bonus Item – Worth $4

Price and Value

the Sunday Riley limited edition bag from SkinStore is priced at $99 and has a value of over $230. The kit is available for purchase here. The kit ships to multipack countries around the globe. You just need to change the shipping country to see whether the product is available where you are.


I mentioned previously that this was a strange choice of a post, at least as far as I am concerned. I am maybe the last person who should be posting about Sunday Riley. Why? There are few brands I like less than this one. However, preferences are different from one person to another and in case there are huge fans of the brand among us, I wanted everyone who reads this blog to have an opportunity to find out about the offer. Think of this post as my kind of reporting if you will.

However, not all is bad. While Sunday Riley and I got off on the wrong foot and despite there having been multiple attempts at getting back on track that also failed, I did find one product from the brand that I do like and that is the Ceramide ICE moisturiser. The moisturiser has a slightly different texture, but pleasant nonetheless and more so, it is one of the few products with ceramides that kinda works for me. This is an ingredient that in 99.9% of cases does not do me any favours. Anyway the ICE moisturiser is one product I am happy to see included in this bag.

There is another product here that I gifted some travel sized tubes of to my best friend – the Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment. Don’t worry. I was forthcoming and did mention that she might not like it. I had tried it previously and at that time I was not impressed. It is just that I had so many tubes of it that I had to ensure they would end up with someone who would give them a try. Since I was already “accused” of corrupting a family of investing in skincare, I knew the products would have enough people interested in giving them a shot. I was right. My BFF (sounds super weird, we do not talk about it) loved it, a tad too much actually but that is a longer story. She swore by it for a while as she claims it left her skin feeling super smooth and soft. So there are claims from people I believe that the product works. Maybe that is indeed the case and my skin type is just not right for this product. Still worth a shot if you haven’t tried it already.

I am not going to comment on the rest of the products other than to add that they did not really work for me. Again, this is one experience. Each and everyone of us is different. Plus, skin changes with time and so do out needs. There is always a chance of a product working later on.

The bag as a whole is cute though and a good value. The makeup bag is reusable and pretty and yet small enough to carry around with you. Plus, the kit comes with a headband. We can never have enough of those IMO. I definitely can never seem to find one when I need to thus why I end up with “mask hair”.

What is your experience with Sunday Riley?

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    1. Nana

      In terms of offers, it is a good one. Worth trying the products this way. Hope that if you do, they will work better for you than they have for me

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