From revolve: New Year, New Me Beauty Box

Yes, I am back with yet another offer. This was definitely not the plan, but what can I do? Of course, I could postpone this article and hope that the products will continue to remain in stock and focus on a review, but given my luck for the next seven years…Yeah, it happened. I did the big oopsie, however I will remain positive and think of good and positive things.

So here I am again. I have a new offer to show you and this one is from Revolve.

I first tried ordering from Revolve back in 2019. The first order I got was filled with products form Versed and Kopari, two brads that at that time were unavailable in the UK or in Europe. My experience is documented here. Everything went fine. Ordering to the United Kingdom from the fashionable American retailer is super easy.

More recently, I got the advent calendar they released for 2020 and had it delivered to my home country, also an EU country. The experience with ordering to my home country was a bit nerve wracking as we have many rules and regulations that probably no one will ever understand. Let’s just say that usually, there is nothing easy about ordering to my home country. However, things turned out okay. The parcel was delivered in 4 working days, same as for the UK and the parcel was delivered to my home rather than a postal office as I had been dreading. I just had to fill in a few forms for customs release myself which is something we need to do for all non-EU parcels. Not sure if it is the same for you, but I wanted to mention it nonetheless so that you know that it is a possibility you might have to do this.

For the EU, the tax is added as checkout so you have the possibility to pay it when placing the order, but you might need to take a few extra steps for customs release depending on where you are from.

Unfortunately, I cannot provide more info for other countries as I have no experience and as such, no place talking about things I do not know.

The point is that ordering from Revolve is worth a shot, at least. Personally, I am very much in love with the retailer and the products they sell so I can see myself ordering from them in the future again and again. You should check out the retailer as they have some interesting stuff, some perhaps not otherwise available outside the US.

As for the offer I wanted to bring to your attention….well, this one is just for US customers, but that is just because of the contents. You cannot purchase stuff such as vitamins and import it to the EU, for example. However, rest assured that I will have something for the rest of the world in no time.

New Year, New Me Beauty Box Content s

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides (5 oz/ 140 g)

Elemis Instant Refreshing Gel – full size (5.0 fl oz/ 150 ml)

HUM Nutrition Glow Sweet Glow Skin Hydration Vegan Gummies – full size (60 gummies)

The Laundress Sport Spray – full size (4 fl oz/ 125 ml)

bala 5 Bands Set

Moon Juice SuperYou 14-Day (28 capsules)

Rael Clean Sanitizing Wipes for Hands – full size (20 count)

Legology Lymph-Lite Boom Brush

Legology Air-Lite Daily Life for Legs (0.6 fl oz/ 20 ml)

The Nue. Co The Pill Serum – full size (1.01 fl oz/ 30 ml)

Travel Agent Nateur Holi(stick) No3 Deodorant (1 oz/ 30 ml)

Price and Value

The New Year, New Me Beauty Box from Revolve is priced at $100 and has a value of $291. Not bad, right?

The beauty box can be purchased exclusively here. Like mentioned previously, unfortunately the box is for US customers only due to resections imposed on some of the products included in the box.


I have not tried the products included in this beauty box, but I have to say that I love the idea behind it. I was quite surprised to see that there haven’t been many such boxes or kits released this past January. I was definitely expected to see more as this is one of the best opportunities to push product at the beginning of a new year. January seems to be a quiet month in terms of purchasing power. This makes total sense especially since many people overspend for the holidays in December, many get advanced pay in December so they either have everything they need as they got an influx of goodies for the holidays and/or they feel like they should stay away for new purchases at least for the first month of a New Year (or are forced to do so). I am not telling you anything new here. Retailers know this as well, no doubt, but I do believe that such kits would have led to an increase in sales.

While I am strong believer in being able to start working towards a new goal whenever, there is just something special about doing it starting January 1st. It makes total sense to want to become a better and healthier version of yourself no matter how cliche it sounds/looks. This box fits perfectly that narrative.

Okay, so I cannot comments on the products another effectiveness, but personally, I do have some of the products on my wish-list while other have been catching my eye for the past few weeks. I would have totally purchased this box had I been living in the US or had it shipped to the EU.

Grab the New Year, New Me box here.

What do you think of this box? and the retailer?

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