Revolve Beauty – The Cool Mom Kit

revolve beauty cool mom kit

While initially I wanted to talk about this super time sensitive offer from SkinStore, I decided to go with this one from Revolve instead. You are probably all familiar with the other one by now (It is a great one btw. 111SKIN is surprisingly underrated despite being featured so often in beauty deals and gifts with purchase. I was pleasantly surprised about how potent some of the products are and wish I had used them sooner rather then ignore them the way I have. Have no idea why I even did that, but it was a mistake). Anyway, let’s talk about the latest beauty kit from Revolve.

Revolve Cool Mom Kit Contents

kai Bathing Bubbles (2 oz/ 60 ml)

Olio E Osso Lip and Cheek Balm in No. 14 Dusty Rose – soft rosy pink (full size, 0.35 oz)

111Skin Sub-Zero De-Puffing Eye Mask (1)

Aquis Lisse Luxe Hair Turban in Stormy Sky (full size)

CAMPO Energy Blend Roll On (0.17 fl oz/ 5 ml)

SACHAJUAN Overnight Hair Repair (full size, 3.4 fl oz/ 100 ml)

Nurse Jamie Eyeonix Eye Massaging Beauty Tool (full size)

Kayo Vital Hydration Serum Spray (full size, 4 fl oz/ 118 ml)

Augustinus Bader The Body Cream (0.33 fl oz/ 10 ml)

KORA Organics Turmeric Brightening and Exfoliating Mask (1.01 fl oz/ 30 ml)

Touchland Neutral Power Mist Hand Sanitizer – unscented (full size, 1.3 fl oz/ 38ml)

revolve beauty cool mom kit

Price and Value

The beauty kit is priced at £64 and has a value of approximately £174.

The beauty kit seems to be available for international delivery despite the fact that it contains a product that I know for certain cannot be shipped separately (I tried so many times…).

The Cool Mom Kit is available for purchase here.


Before commenting on the products, I want to state that if you are purchasing the kit from the United Kingdom, the price stated above contains all tax and duties. However, you will want to get a little extra something next to the kit as you only get free shipping if you spend £70. It is definitely worth getting something extra. Afterwards, you are good to go. If you want to know more about having Revolve deliver to the UK, you can read about my experience here. The parcel should arrive within 4 working days.

If you are in the EU (sadly, I have no experience with other parts of the world) the experience is similar (sort of). Okay, so for the EU, the price shown on the website (not on here) does not contain the taxes and duties and whatnot. However, you can choose to pay the taxes at checkout. You can also get free shipping for orders above $100. The difference is that besides having to pay taxes at checkout is that you might need to fill a customs declaration yourself, depending on your country. It sounds scary and I freaked out a couple of times myself, but I am getting the hang of it. It is no big deal really. The parcel was delivered in 4 working days by FedEx as the duties were already paid, there was no hold up.

As for the products… hmm, this is a tricky one. Overall I like the look of this beauty kit, even though personally I have tried quite a few of the products before. To be honest, the reason why the kit caught my attention other than receiving the notification that it had launched, is the Touchland hand sanitiser. I am an odd one, so do not mind me. But seriously, I have been trying to get a bottle of Touchland for years now, however they cannot be shipped to the EU. It seems that there are no issues when it comes to this kit though which is a bit strange, but who am I to complain.

Okay, for real now. A single bottle of a product that you have been unable to purchase is no reason to get this beauty kit. However, there are a few other products in here that are quite good or worth a try.

The Olio E Osso is an interesting, versatile product. I like the idea behind the product very much. Personally, I found the product a bit hard to apply, but will have to revisit it and see if maybe I can soften it up a bit. It took actually rubbing it on the back of my hand to get some colour which won’t do if you apply it to the cheeks. I only came across this product once so mine might just be a dud.

I never tried the kai Bathing Bubbles, however I have tried other products from kai and I am obsessed with them. I have been meaning try this product for ages. Each time I intended to put it in my basket, it was sold out though. I do have high expectation out of this one.

The 111Skin Sub-Zero De-Puffing Eye Mask is surprisingly good. The mask is high quality and it does what it says it should do. While I do not see myself splurging so much on an eye mask, I do enjoy using them and getting them through various beauty offers.

I am not really one for such things, but CAMPO Energy Blend Roll On is a cute little product. I honestly cannot tell you whether it works or not. I have tried it a few times, but I am really not the person to ask. The oil is good quality and the bottle makes it super easy to carry around and to apply whenever you need. Maybe if it had less of a herbal scent to it, I would be more interested in using it. I honestly do now know.

Another product I never tried is the SACHAJUAN Overnight Hair Repair, however I tried other products from the range and I loved them. I like the brand quite a lot and their hair products are mostly nicely fragranced. Also, the fragrance lasts even washing off the product. I can still sense it by the time I need to wash my hair again. I do have high hopes for this product as well. The fragrance is lovely, it is elegant and

I haven’t tried any of the other product so I cannot comment on them. I also have limited experience or no experience with the brands so I won’t say anything.

Overall, I know that this beauty kit does not have the best price/value ratio out there, but surprisingly I do think it works. I am super tempted and yes, not just by the hand sanitiser haha.

Grab the Cool Mom Beauty Kit here.

What do you think of the latest beauty kit from Revolve?

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2 thoughts on “Revolve Beauty – The Cool Mom Kit

  1. I got it! Ordered on Thursday and got it on Monday. I forgot how efficient shipping could be.
    I do feel a little bit guilty about carbon footprint when ordering from the US, so I rather refrain unless there’s something that weakens my will and the consumer in me wins with the ecoconscious me (should be the other way round, I have way too many things)
    I never heard about Touchland but now I’m a fan, the device is so cute! I totally understand what you wrote. I found a similar product on Zalando from a brand called Haan. Once my Touchland is gone I will give the other one a try.
    I really wanted the beauty tool, the turban and the sanitizer, so I think all in all I got a really good deal.
    It’s my second Olio e Osso product, the other one I have the same stick but in a different shade (Currant) from the last year’s Alyaka calendar. I haven’t opened it yet because I still have two similar products from 2019 calendars, a purple one from Liberty (Trish McEvoy lip and cheek crayon) which is I suppose similar to the Alyaka balm and a light pink Nudestix from Cult Beauty’s calendar which I suppose is a similar shade to the OeO balm from Revolve.
    The rest of the products I don’t know and they will wait their turn

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