Niche Beauty Summer Bag GWP – worth €300

I am back with a new beauty gift with purchase offer. The offer is coming from Niche Beauty and it is comprised of a beach bag filled with summer time goodies. To be honest, I debated whether to post this or not. As some of you might know, my first experience with the German retailer was less than 12 months ago when I got their advent calendar. Since then, there has been little interaction between the brand and myself, well, if you do not count me advertising some of their beauty gift with purchase offers.

While I shared my experience with them in detail here, since then I came to realise that not everyone’s experience was the same as mine, thus the whole debating whether to post this or not thing.

This will be a major spoiler for both this article and an upcoming one (you know which one!), but I already got the gwp (have yet to receive it – due on Monday). However, it felt weird to not post about this offer given my last statement. I would hate it if one of your were to think I was trying to hide an offer or something. NEVER! 😀 As such, I decided to go for it (and post). After all, each one of us makes their own decisions so if you feel uncertain or unsure, you can just ignore this gift and move on :). I will explain below why I placed an order, before that, let’s have look at the gift, shall we?

Niche Beauty Summer Bag Beauty Gift with Purchase Content

Full Size Products
COOLA / Classic SPF 50 Body Spray Unscented, 177ml
RMS / Luminizing Powder Grande Dame, 14g

Luxury Travel Size
AURELIA / Resurfacing Serum, 15ml
DR. BARBARA STURM / Eye Cream, 5ml
FURTUNA SKIN / Rinascita Delle Olive Replenishing Balm, 4ml
INDIE LEE / CoQ-10 Toner, 8,5ml
KAT BURKI / Dual Exfoliating Clay, 10ml
MARGARET DABBS / Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion, 45ml
MDO / 3-day Skin Boost Set ODER Boost Discovery Set
MIMITIKA / Crème Visage SPF 50, 10ml
OUAI / Wave Spray, 30ml
PAULA’S CHOICE / Water-Infusing Electrolyte Moisturizer, 15ml
U BEAUTY / Resurfacing Compound, 10ml
VITA LIBERATA / Body Blur Instant HD Skin Finish, 30ml

AIME / Matcha Glow Stick, 1 pc.
DR DENNIS GROSS / Alpha Beta® Daily Face Peel, 1ml
SUSANNE KAUFMANN / Hyaluronserum, 1ml
WESTMAN ATELIER / Clean Glow Trio, 1 pc.

Price and Value

The beauty gift with purchase is worth €300 or approximately £255 and is availble for qualifying orders of £135 or €150. You can get it here.


Look, this beauty gift with purchase is not the best offer I have ever seen from this retailer and definitely not in general. However, I decided to go for it anyway. Why? Various reasons. Instead of the usual product review (don’t worry, there will some of that as well here), I will rather talk you through my reasons on this occasion.

Should I start with the products or the other reasons? I will go with the other reasons as to get those out of the way.

This entire month was a lot. I even worked 10-12 hours/day with a huge bump on my arm from the vaccine, sitting and sleeping in all sort of weird positions so that my arm would not hurt until my back decided to get revenge on me. It was one of those months. While to some extent, getting this gwp could be labeled as it being an emotional purchase, it wasn’t. I was fully aware of what I was doing i.e spending my hard earned money on something for myself. Hope that makes sense. I plain and simple wanted something new. Just like that.

Something that played a huge factor was the fact that i could still get the previous beauty gift with purchase kit. If you recall, Niche Beauty sometimes sells its beauty gifts with purchase at around 50% off their value. I skipped the last gift and since I saw it in stock, I decided to get it contribute to the threshold required for this gift. More value and all that…

Then, I wanted to try a few more things from Gisou – the honey infused haircare brand. I found the previous product I for from them also via Niche Beauty quite interesting and wanted to get a better idea of the brand. The fact that it qualified me for some additional gifts with purchase did not hurt either. Nothing all that valuable – a hairbrush, but hey, you don’t hear me complaining :).

I also decided to get a shampoo from Susanne Kaufmann. I like the brand. Over the years, I kept trying their suff, but it wasn’t until recently that I discovered why it is such a popular brand. I have been paying more attention since. The shampoo sample I previously had impressed me and wanted to see whether I will still feel the same. Of course, I will keep you updated.

So I did not actually purchase much, jus a couple of things plus the previous gift with purchase kit. The threshold for the gift wasn’t horrible for once which definitely played a factor in my choice to get it.

Another reason why I got this offer was the bag. You can purchase the bag this beauty gift with purchase comes in separately if you wish here. I do not know what I am going to do it with it, whether I will use it as intended (well, sort of as intended as I am not going to the beach) or just use it as a prop, but I like the look of it. Hopefully it looks like in the pictures. I still regret not getting a clear bag from Primark the last time… I don’t put a lot of stock in bags. I have a a few, but only use a couple or rather just one (the jet setter from Michael Kors) and haven’t touched it in over a year so… I do have my eyes on a couple of higher end designer bags, but if I can, I try to go without a bag if the circumstances allow it. So I don’t heard bags or anything, but love the look of some and every once in a while I do consider what I could possibly store in them or whether they would have a great prop. Need I say it again? I am an odd duck.

Then, there are the products. When I spoke about Supergoop a few days ago, you told me that Coola has some great products. Never tried the brand before so this was as good of an opportunity as any. In addition to this full sized product, I actually liked the look of the one from RMS Beauty as well. Maybe I will like both of these products on as well and not just the idea of them.

In terms of the rest of the products, there are some good ones, but nothing too exciting overall IMO. The samples seem more interesting than the deluxe samples, not really, but almost. The one thing I liked about Niche Beauty are the brands they carry and how they introduced me to quite a few brands I did not even know existed/never seen samples of. It is a risk I decided I was willing to take, product wise I mean.

The last reason for getting this gift with purchase was so that I can have more insight on how the interactions with Niche Beauty are like. Like I said, my previous experience with them was positive, but after what you’ve shared, I wonder… Will report back on this as well once I get/if I get my order.

I don’t know what to tell you in lieu of a conclusion. I got the gift and am looking forward to trying out the products, even the ones I tried before and liked and also the ones I did not like or found remotely appealing. Taste changes, my knowledge base also changed over the years and maybe some of the products will surprise me. We shall see 🙂

Grab the Niche Beauty Gift with Purchase here.

What do you think of this new offer from Niche Beauty?

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  1. Sari Paisley

    I really like the previous gwp from Niche Beauty. The Roén palette is so unique and good quality. I also like the Goldfaden MD Detox Hydrating Gel a lot and am happy for the other products as well, so I think it is absolutely worth buying it. The reason for I am not tempted to go for the Summer bag is that it includes too many exfoliating products and I already own too many.

    1. Nana

      good to know about the previous kit. I am glad that I got it, but some positive feedback is always soothing haha. Now, I just need to receive it. Fingers crossed everything will be fine. Speaking about the summer bag, yes! I noticed it as well which I found it a bit odd given that it is summer and well, we are more likely to expose ourselves to the sun… that combined with forgetting about SPF can be quite harmful.

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