Alyaka Summer Goody Bag

I am sorry for posting this late, but you know, work… I am still not done with work for the day, but I thought I should exchange one screen for the other. At least this one is kinder to the eyes and the article is way more fun to write. Hope you’ll forgive me as I come bearing gifts. Okay, not quite, but close. Does a beauty gift with purchase count? The Alyaka Beauty Retailer, a retailer that hasn’t been featured much on here with the exception of their beauty advent calendar last year has just released a goody bag.

Alyaka Summer Goody Bag Contents

de Mamiel Antioxidant Elixir, 5ml

Susanne Kaufmann Glow Mask, 15ml

Nouri Supreme Moisture Mask, 3ml

Susanne Kaufmann Body Butter, 8ml

Abuja Globettroter Mask, 2ml

Kahina Argan Oil, 10ml

Kat Burki Vitamin C Intensive Face Cream, 7ml

Kypris Antioxidant Dew, 3ml

Verso Foaming Cleanser For Daily Use, 2ml

Uma Pure Rest Wellness Oil, 3ml

Sarah Chapman Skinesis Morning Facial, 5ml

Ila Spa Night Cream Renewed Recovery, 2ml

Indie Lee I-Recover Mind and Body Gel, 5ml

Oskia Nutri-Active Day Cream, 2ml

Omorovicza Miracle Facial Oil, 5ml

The Beauty Chef Inner Beauty Powder, 0.17oz

Price and Value

In order to get this beauty gift with purchase you need to spend at least £70 across beauty products from the retailer. The beauty gift with purchase is worth £80+.

Grab the beauty gift here.


I am going to keep it short. You all know this is not really the tip elf gift I usually go for. I like my products to be a tad more consistent, let’s say. When trying something new, I want to have the chance to form a proper opinion and get around 5 days of use from them (at least). However, this gift is not without value either. You get quite a few samples from various brand, award winning brands at that. You get to try lots of products which these days is best to do in the safety of your own home, knowing for certain that the content of each sample has not been touched aka compared to when trying something in store. So yes, I do believe there is some value here.

What I like the most are the brands included though. There are a couple of brands I never heard of before which is always nice. It exposes you to new experiences and broadens your horizons. I also like the fact that the products included are cult products, at least the ones I am familiar with. I am obsessed with all things Susanne Kaufmann these days and I am slowly starting to rediscover the value of Oskia.

Overall, the gift is a hard pass for me, especially since there are a few others still available for grabs, but it is not bad. It might be worth it if you actually want tot ry the exact products included in the gift and if you need something that perhaps you can only get from this retailer. So after all, I guess I am not really carrying any gifts.

What do you think of this goody bag? Are you excited to see Alyaka releasing one?

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