What is new in the beauty industry? 5-11 July

This has been a lot time coming. Ever since I started this blog I wanted to do some sort of a news feature on this platform, however if you recall, I only ever posted individual articles here and there. Hopefully that is about to change. I wish for this type of article to become more of a regular thing and to talk about several pieces of news at one time rather than focus on just one. At this moment in time, I have no idea how this series will even look like, let alone develop moving forward, but I guess we will figure it out as we go along. BTW, is this even something that interests you? Do let me know so I know how to adjust.

Scarlett Johansson joins the beauty industry

Just a few days ago, Scarlett Johansson announced her new foray into beauty. According to the L’Officiel, the Avengers movie star will be launching her own skincare line at the beginning of 2022. More details are not currently available so I guess we will have to wait and see what ScarJo comes out with.

Comments: I know that most people are beyond tired of celebrities launching their own skincare or beauty brands in general. Personally, I do not mind. While I do believe that the beauty industry is oversaturate, I also believe that everyone is allowed to do as they please and explore their interests. Who knows, maybe she will come out with something great or maybe she won’t. There is no way of knowing this at this moment in time. Maybe her skincare brand will grow slowly as Alicia Keys’ did or become a distant memory like JLo’s has (is that brand still even around? I feel like nobody is even talking about it anymore). The idea is that no one is forcing us to buy into it. As long as she does no claim that she looks the way she does because of the products she came out with, I am more than fine with it.

Rare Beauty is now in Sephoras world-wide

Selena Gomez’ makeup brand is finally available outside the US. The brand is now being sold in Sephora stores around the world. The brand is currently available at Sephora France, Spain, Germany, Middle East, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, Switzerland, Greece, Portugal, Turkey and Romania.

The brand will also be available at Sephora Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Philippines starting July 15th and Sephora Australia and New Zealand starting August 5th.

Comments: While I don’t get super excited about celebrity beauty brands, I have to say that this is one brand I am actually looking forward to trying. This is a brand I have been looking forward to trying ever since it came out. I even planned on getting some of the product last weekend, but decided to postpone it for a while as I have no use for them right now. However, in a few months or so when wearing makeup becomes more feasible (for me at least), then I will make sure to grab some of the goodies. I really do not need more makeup items right now to sit around in a cupboard somewhere deciding that they’ve had enough (if you know what I mean).I do want to point out that my interest in the brand and the products has everything to do with the products themselves and nothing to do with Selena. Personally, I can admire someone’s art, but never really been obsessed with celebrities ( characters of the other hand…), but yeah, never had celebrity crushes or whatever, not really.

The new Kyle Cosmetics is coming to Europe

As you might have heard, Kylie Cosmetics not only revamped its entire line to bring us clean and vegan products al around, but the brand is also finally making its way to Europe. The new version of the brand will be available starting July 15th. Plus, later this year the brand will launch at Douglas Cosmetics (hopefully in all countries where Douglas is available!), Nocibe (France), Harrods, Selfridges and Boots (UK).

The brand will also launch outside Europe at some point in the future.

Comments: Too little, too late? I was quite curious about the brand when it was first released many years ago. I was at that time just getting into makeup and everyone seemed obsessed with the lip kit. I really wanted to try it. Now, not so much. I feel like thee excitement is pretty much gone. I might still give the brand a try if something catches my eye, but it is no longer a priority. I am not even going to get into why exactly the brand had to relaunch as there is a lot of speculation on the matter. Of course, most people have a very good idea as to why and the answer is pretty much obvious, but I don’t think it was ever “officially” reported so I am going to leave it at that as well.

KKW Beauty to Relaunch

Following in the steps of her sister, Kim Kardashian will also be relaunching her beauty line KKW Beauty. The current website will shut down on August 1st and the brand is set to relaunch at a later date. The new brand will also showcase new and improved product formulas. In the meantime, you can still shop the goodies on the current website and even get some for 20-75% off.

Comments: While not “official”, the reasoning behind this relaunch may be the same as the one behind the relaunch of Kylie Cosmetics. In addition, IG followers seem to have boarded the same train – this will be a good occasion for the brand to change its name and maybe remove the W from KKW, following Kim Kardashian’s divorce from Kanye West. Whatever the reason, I am not at all invested. I even forgot that this brand was even out there. However, I do hope that if or when it will relaunch, the products will become available globally. Unlike with Kylie Cosmetics, KKW Beauty did indeed release a couple of products that truly caught my interest over the years. We shall see.

How do you feel about these pieces of news? Also, should this become a series or should I stop here with this type or articles?

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2 thoughts on “What is new in the beauty industry? 5-11 July

  1. I love this article! Had no idea about any of these news, I just saw a Rare Beauty ad in a local Sephora. I’d gladly read more such news.
    My comments on the news:
    – it’s cool that Rare Beauty will be available worldwide, the cosmetics had good reviews and apparently the blush is super efficient. I also like the positivie message with good vibe names (I’m a bit tired with shade or line names that are innuendos or blatantly sex related). Personally I’m not interested the launch because I have too much makeup and I remember when I was waiting for Fenty to be available here. On the launch day (or maybe shortly after) I went and bought the Gloss Bomb lip gloss. It was 2017. In 2021 it’s on my list of stuff I own like a pang of conscience because it will have to be decluttered. I used it maybe 3 times?
    Yeah, I’m not hyped for celebrity brands because I don’t really follow celebrities. If something has good reviews, is a product I need or looks interesting I will try. The only thing related to people behind a brand that affects my potential purchase is when someone gets involved in some dramas or has said things I disapprove of, then I will not support a brand.
    Speaking of Fenty I think that was something that was a quantum leap for celebrity brands and its success inspired others to try and hop on the train, but for me Fenty is more a brand in its own right than a celebrity brand.
    – Kardashian/Jenner sisters: again, no need for makeup. I liked better products from Kim than Kylie (might be also that I’m closer in age to Kim than Kylie so I could be more of the brand’s target). About Kylie Skin I heard a lot of negative opinions, especially that walnut shell face scrub. What I’ve always appreciated about those brands was that they were cruelty free and affordable. I, however, never understood the hype for Kylie’s lip kits, but again, I don’t think I’m the target and I never use a lip liner, can’t be bothered.
    – Scarlett Johansson’s brand – I’ve forgotten about this news while writing this comment xD

    1. 😂 loved the last bit. Yeah, it does not seem like something that will stick but we shall see when she finally releases her products. Maybe she will do something different.

      I agree with the Fenty bit.

      Thank you for the feedback! I really appreciate it 🙂

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