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Dr Jart+ ​Ceramidin Eye Cream

Dr. Jart+ is the first Korean beauty brand that I ever tried. It was back when k-beauty was not really popular in Europe, or at least I do not think so. Several years have definitely passed since. If I am not mistaken, I was in my second year at university so in spring 2015. I remember finding a small cleanser from the brand included in one of my Birchboxes. It was at the beginning of my beauty journey so I definitely had no idea what to expect. I was just testing the waters back then. While I cannot say that the product changed my life, even though it was kinda good, it did make an impression. 

It’s been a few years since, obviously, and in these past years I haven’t made all that many voluntary purchases from the brand, but it is a brand that I still follow in terms of new launches. 

The product I want to talk to you about is not necessarily one that I ever intended to buy. The range caught my attention especially after I could not find my MadeCera moisturizer anywhere, but I made the “mistake” of trying other ceramide products instead which did not work for me so this range from Dr. Jart+ dropped quite a few positions on my list of products to try. 

Long story short, I finally ended up trying the Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin range as the Eye Cream was included in one of the Christmas beauty boxes that Cult Beauty released for Christmas. 

Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Eye Cream Review 

Before talking about the actual product, let’s discuss a bit the packaging. The bottle the product comes in is yellow with white, pretty similar to the rest of the products from this Ceramidin range. However, the aspect that I liked quite a bit was that the small recipient uses a pump so it is more hygienic than getting your hands inside a jar, let’s say. More so, the pump is one of those newer air pumps we started seeing being used in skincare, the one without the long plastic tail (does the thing have an actual name?) so the bottom of the bottle actually goes us as you use the product and there is little air left inside the tube that can impact the appearance or quality of the product. I only wished you could see the bottom going up so that you could tell with more ease how much product you have left. 

Otherwise, there is nothing particular about the bottle or anything really worth mentioning. Maybe, I should also add that the bottle is not super heavy, but it is bigger compared to other tubes used for eye cream. 

In terms of the product itself aka the eye cream, the Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Eye Cream has an interesting texture. While the cream did not feel as mask-like as the Glow Recipe Avocado Melt did, this one was also pretty thick in terms of texture. When I first tried it, I was honestly not sure that I would enjoy it. Actually, it took several days for me to get used to using this eye cream from Dr. Jart+, but now I am happy that I insisted and did not give up on it. 

Besides the thick texture, you should also know that the eye cream has a weird superlight khaki color. That was also quite unexpected as I was certain it would be a plain white, but no… The color aside, one can also notice from the first use that the cream does not seem to have a fragrance attached to it. By looking at the ingredients you can see that there is indeed one, but the eye cream smells pretty much like other nin fragranced skincare out there. What I mean by that is that you cannot pinpoint a fragrance nor say the cream has a sweet, fruity, etc type of fragrance. It did not bother me at all nor did I react to it.

dr jart+ ceramidin eye cream texture

Despite the Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Eye Cream being quite thick, the application is smooth. It might feel like a lot once you apply it onto the skin, but it absorbs really fast and it does not leave a residue. The skin is left feeling smooth and hydrated with no greasy residues or anything of the sort left behind. While I was not the biggest fan of the cream texture at first, now that I got used to it and because it absorbs quickly and does not leave any annoying residue, I cannot complain. 

Effect-wise, well I already mentioned that the cream leaves the skin hydrated, but I also felt like it strengthened the undereye area where I applied the product which is particularly useful during colder months. I tend to tear up a lot and my skin sometimes even feels like it is burning from all the cold, but have not experienced anything of the sort since I started using the product. I would go as far as saying that the cream also helps with puffiness, but I don’t get much of that so I cannot possibly say whether that is indeed the case or it was just an impression it left me. Do take this last statement with a grain of salt. 

How long did one bottle last? Well, I would that medium term. The Ceramidin Eye Cream recipient lasted me for about 1.5 months which is pretty alright given the size – 20ml. This really depends on your skin needs. I just used as much as I needed, but it might be different depending on age and skin type. For reference, my undereye area is sensitive and dehydrated. 

Overall, despite not expecting to like this cream from Dr. Jart+, I ended up enjoying it actually. It is a product that I look forward to using again in the future. 

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