Liberty of London Sweet Mother of Mine Beauty Kit – worth £209

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Liberty of London is back with a new beauty box created especially for Mother’s Day. I will not get into how these boxes should be more generic or focus on International Woman’s Day instead. If you have been around for the past few years, then you know where I stand on this.

Liberty of London Sweet Mother of Mine Beauty Kit Contents

  • Omorovicza Pink Flowers Queen of Hungary Mist Limited Edition 50ml
  • Soapsmith Bloomsbury Bath Soak 500g
  • Bamford Geranium Hand & Body Wash 50ml
  • Bamford Geranium Body Lotion 50ml
  • Dr. Barbara Sturm Cleanser 50ml
  • Byredo Rose Rinse Free Hand Wash 30ml
  • Sarah Chapman Intense Hydrating Booster 30ml
  • Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Essential Oil Rollerball 10ml
  • Spacemasks Eye Mask x 1

Price and Value

The new Liberty of London beauty kit is priced a £65 (in line with previous ones) and has a reported value of over £209.

The kit is available for purchase here.

From Thursday 24 February to Monday 28 February, you’ll get a £10 voucher for every £50 spent. Shop online and in-store with Liberty Collective to earn quadruple points on all purchases! 


The new beauty kit from Liberty is quite an interesting release as far as I am concerned. The contents are rather interesting and promise to provide great results.

I have tried quite a few products from the kit in the past and some are even personal favourites. Below you can find a bit more about my experience with the products from the Sweet Mother of Mine Beauty Kit from Liberty.

First, we have the Omorovicza Pink Flowers Queen of Hungary Mist. While I am not super obsessed with the idea of mists, I did start to get more into them in recent months, specifically once I discovered their full power or potential. However, even before that, the Omorovicza Pink Flowers Queen of Hungary Mist was pretty much a constant feature in my stash. The mist is refreshing, is hydrating and feels really nice on the skin. You can use this mist over makeup or on top of your skincare routine whenever you feel the need of some extra hydration. Quality wise, the product is top notch, as one would expect from Omorovicza. A review for this product is available here.

The next product I want to talk about is the Bamford Geranium Hand & Body Wash. This Bamford Geranium Hand & Body Wash is super gentle to the skin, it is not at all drying and it smells incredible. The product creates a light and soft foam that makes the experience of using this product both nicer and even a tad more interesting, well as interesting a using a body wash can be that is. It is one of my favourite body washes out there and it is a must try.

Hmmm, next up is the Byredo Rose Rinse Free Hand Wash. Not only is this product expensive, but it does not really help you these days.

As claimed by the brand, the “BYREDO rinse-free hand wash alcohol concentration is 30%. This product is not intended to be anti-bacterial and can not prevent the spread of infectious diseases, bacteria or viruses.” – source Byredo.

This is only a confirmation of how I felt when I first tried it – the product feels super nice and unlike other hand sanitisers, it even feels hydrating and skin protecting, but it did not feel super cleansing. I honestly do not know what you can use it for if not for bacteria or to prevent infection. If someone has a clue, please let us know as well.

Spacemasks Eye Mask are a product that everyone who sits in front of a screen for more than a few minutes at a time needs to use. Is there anyone who is not guilty of this? The masks are super relaxing and they help tremendously with eye strain. Whether you work on a computer or just sit a lot of time in front of one, you need to try these. I am serious. And yes, there are cheaper alternatives, but I did find these to be superior in terms of effectiveness and the cute design does not hurt either.

Overall, the Sweet Mother of Mine Beauty Kit from Liberty is a great option for anyone looking to try some new beauty. The contents are great and the price value ratio is a no brainer.

Don’t forget: Get a £10 Voucher For Every £50 Spent until February 28th. Even if you do not enjoy or have any use for this particular beauty box, you can still take advantage of this voucher based offer.

What do you think of this Liberty Beauty Box?

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