Using more, Spending Less Challenge -March 2022 Results

Once again I am terribly late with posting this. It seems that it is slowly becoming a trend. In fact, I even contemplated leaving this article for next month when I round up my spending for April and to combine the two. However, I decided against doing so (for now – maybe next time if I am late again?).

While there is no excuse, life has been super hectic as of late. You probably noticed that I have not posted as much and the reason for that is due to a project I have been woking on to some extent or another for the past two years. Things did no go as planned right from the start so you can imagine the headaches it led to. Thankfully, things ended on a positive note. Can I even say that they ended? They led to another project, one that involves me being loaned out to the company I have been working with. So basically I started a (temporary) new job. Oh yay! No, really. It is interesting, but it was also super stressful at first as I really, and I really cannot afford to screw up. While my “future” has already been decided, it would still not bode well if I were to screw things up now so my focus has been on making sure things go well. Plus, I have forgotten just how exhausting paying attention to an overload of information can be. Cannot say I miss that about from college!

So this is basically what I have been up to. Hopefully by summer I can get back to normal and be able to share more interesting stuff or at least post on a more regular basis. I also have several more “Need to Know” type of articles such as this one about Shein lined up, some are drafted, but they take me weeks to complete so… Yeah, such is life ūüôā

Anyways, I took long enough so let’s get back to business (so to speak).



Surprised? So was I! I did not even notice that I had been so busy that I did not even get the chance to make any purchases. I did not even consider making any beauty purchases actually, or rather I was actually hoping for a gift with purchase that never landed so did not think about getting anything else.

Total purchases: £0.

Allowance from empties

  • Purito DermHA-3 Hyaluronic Acid Serum 50ml – ¬£9.87
  • Cocofloss Single – Strawberries Strawberries – ¬£6.72
  • BeautyPie Orange Absolute Eau de Toilette¬† – ¬£21.55
  • BeautyPie Super Healthy Skin Ultimate Anti-Aging Cream¬†– ¬£15.90
  • SGX NYC Dry Touch Volumizing Dry Shampoo¬†– ¬£7.99
  • Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide Cream 5ml – ¬£5.7
  • Herbivore Cloud Jelly Pink Plumping Hydration Serum¬† – ¬£4.95
  • Dear, Klairs Daily Exfoliating Skin Toner 500ml – ¬£14.90
  • Ritual of Jing Shampoo¬† – ¬£8.77
  • 111Skin SubZero DePuff Eye Mask (single)¬†– ¬£12

In March I emptied out £108.35 worth of product which means I get an allowance of £54.17.

Allowance from Posts

Allowance from Reviews

  • Shiseido Treatment Softener – review is available here.
  • Dr Jart+ Cicapair Colour Correcting Treatment – revere can be found here.

There were so social media posts so my allowance from social media is £0.

Allowance from posts: £10.

Okay, let’s have a look at the overall results now. For once, I am not dreading the results! Okay, okay. This is the second time I am not dreading the results after being able to not shop at all last December.

¬£54.17 (allowance from Empties) + ¬£10 (allowance from posts) – ¬£0 (March’s Spending) – ¬£2242.5 (previous closing balance) = – ¬£2178.33

So there you have it. The results are looking better, no? I hope that by the end of the year I will manage to bring my total to at least -1.5K. I am not as naive as to think that I can make my overall balance a positive one so I won’t even claim that I am aiming for something like that this year. It is obviously not possible, but hopefully I can get a little bit closer to that goal. This just shows how come “debts” are hard to get rid of and that they take time to “pay up”, especially if you are living life as per usual or close to normal as the situation allows. I obviously did not go into debt over beauty products ( surprisingly!), but the idea is still the same so just something to keep in mind for financial planning in real life.

Now, if only April would look like the above… stay tuned for the April results in around two weeks time!

How did you do in March?

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