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It had been a very long time since my last fragrance purchase and for good reason. I pretty much stopped wearing fragrances in 2020 and haven’t started this habit up again. I have applied fragrance every once in a while, especially when going out but those instances were and still are very few and far in between. As such, the idea of buying a new fragrance hasn’t really appealed to me as I already have tens of bottles that I can not see myself ever finishing before they truly can’t be used anymore aka go bad. 

However, there was one fragrance that I truly loved, a limited edition that I got a few years back in one of my advent calendars and rumor had it that Floral Street Arizona was a great dupe for that one perfume. Curious? Do not worry, I will tell you below all you need to know. I am feeling playful today so let’s keep some of that mystery going. 

Since I was already familiar with Floral Street and was confident that the quality of their products was there, I decided to spend the gift card I got from my teammates at work on a perfume I had not tried before, one I could not find a sample of anywhere locally. I went in blind hoping that the rumor I heard was not just a rumor and that this particular perfume was similar to the one I loved and cannot (longer) buy. 

Was it? Let’s see. But first, let’s talk about the Arizona Fragrance from Floral Street in more detail. 

Arizona floral street bottel

Floral Street Arizona Street Fragrance 

Arizona from Floral Street is a unisex perfume I would say, however, I am inclined to say that it would appeal more to women than it does to men. This is one of the brand’s newest launches having hit the market back in 2020 and the nose behind the perfume is Jérôme Epinette.

The perfume is moderate to long-lasting in my opinion. I have no complaints in regards to this aspect. I am not expecting to be able to sense this fragrance on my skin 10 or so hours later, but you can pretty much sense it clearly for 4-5 hours and then more faintly afterward. This might have something to do with the strong notes used in this fragrance. 

Arizona is a woody fragrance with floral notes, at least that is how I would normally describe remotely similar scents. However, when it comes to this perfume and the one I was looking for actually, the scent is hard to describe, put a label on, or categorize. It is pretty much unlike everything else you can find on the market in my opinion. This is perhaps the reason why I sought so hard to find something similar to the fragrance I loved. It is rather refreshing that the fragrance does not resemble most of what you can find on the market and what most people are wearing. 

As for the actual notes, Arizona has coconut, musky, a little bit sweet, woody and powdery accents in my opinion. If there are more, I missed them. 

I hate coconut. I truly hate coconut in 90% of the products I ever tried. Despite knowing about this note, I still decide dot pick up the fragrance and I am glad that I have. Yes, the coconut bit is strong at first but once the fragrance starts wearing off or settles, it reveals its core, and the fragrances become elegant, mysterious, and seductive but still not entirely sweet or feminine. 

Price-wise, this perfume is more than ok priced. The quality is there as I have mentioned above and the quantity you get for your money is amazing as well. It also comes in 10ml bottles which are perfect to carry in your purse, but also if you just want to try. I picked a 10ml tube and have used it several times by now and you can barely notice any products missing from the bottle. It will surely last me a while no problem. The full size will last you even longer obviously. 

Which fragrance does Arizona from Floral Street remind me of? 

Floral Street Arizona reminds me quite a lot of my absolute favorite fragrance out there – le Labo AnOther 13. You might have tried it as well if you have purchased the Liberty of London advent calendar back in 2019 I believe. As far as I know, that fragrance launched as a limited edition collab with the AnOther magazine, but even if you were still able to pick it up, I cannot as it does not ship to where I am currently. As such, I tried to find something I could easily pick up closer to home. 

And I have found exactly that in this fragrance from Floral Street. 

Sure, the coconut note was not in the Le Labo fragrance, I do not think it was at least. I never sensed anything remotely like coconut. However, while Arizona does have that strong coconut note at the beginning, once it goes away the fragrance becomes incredibly similar to AnOther 13 in my opinion. 

I admit that the first time I tried Arizona, I was disappointed after sensing the coconut and I was sure that the fragrance would not feel like AnOther 13, but just like another good fragrance that I could wear, but not truly like the one I was looking for. Hope that made some sense. But I was a bit patient and saw how the fragrance behaved on my skin. After 30 minutes or even less, the fragrance truly started resembling AnOther 13 way more than I thought it would after sensing the coconut. 

I can honestly say that while not identical, Arizona from Floral Strete is a great dupe for Le Labo AnOther 13 but also a good fragrance on its own/without having to compare it with anything else. Regrakldes of whether you are familiar with AnOther 13 from Le Labo or whether you loved or hated it, I still recommend giving this one from Floral Street a go. It might surprise you the subtle but still noticeable differences between the two.

Where can you purchase Arizona by Floral Street?

Have you ever tried anything from Floral Street before?

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