Klavuu Blue Pearlsation Ampoule Review

Klavuu Blue Pearlsation Ampoule Review

Korean beauty products have been gaining popularity in the Western world over the past few years, and for good reason! K-Beauty products are often incredibly effective and more than just that, they are also affordable, especially when compared to other products that are just as potent and that have been formulated in the West. 

I have been interested in K-Beauty for several years now, but there are still so many products that are hard to find or even just to discover… I doubt I will ever be able to make my way through all those that deserve recognition let alone all that is out there. But I do try my best. In this sense, when I saw that the Klavuu brand was part of a Black Friday promotion at a local pharmacy chain, I decided to give the brand a go and picked up their Blue Pearlsation Ampoule.

The Klavuu Blue Pearlsation Ampoule

The Klavuu Blue Pearlsation Ampoule is one product that has caught my eye. This ampoule claims to provide intense hydration and it is formulated using marine hyaluronic acid. The reaosn why I picked this product in particular from the entire Blue Pearlsation is because of the word “ampoule”. In general, most things that have the word “ampoule” stamped into them are much more effective than a serum let’s say. 

So, with that in mind, I had high hopes for this product. 

The packaging is very pretty and sleek. The product comes in a plastic bottle with a pipette so the product is easy to extract from the bottle till you have close to no product left. Afterward, it becomes more tricky, but if you are patient and store the bottle upside down, you can extract 99% of the product. I feel the need to add this little bit as I have been dealing with the same annoyance every single month since I started using the Colgate Elixir toothpaste series and I pretty much have to throw out half the product as it just does not leave the tube it is in and there is no way to squeeze out the product. 

Anyway, the Klavuu Blue Pearlsation Ampoule bottle and pipette are rather great. Also, the product comes in a 50ml bottle rather than a 30ml so you get quite a bit of product. 

Klavuu Blue Pearlsation Ampoule Review

The ampoule itself is lightweight and absorbs quickly into the skin. It has a very faint, pleasant scent that disappears shortly after application. I have used an entire bottle by now and have to say that I am incredibly pleased with it. 

My skin feels hydrated and plump every time I use it. Also, my makeup goes on smoothly over it which is always a bonus. 

There are tons of hydrating products out there, many of which are formulated using hyaluronic acid. I am not naive to claim that this is the best hydrating product on the market, but it is significantly better than most I tried so far, including £250+ bottles from some big names. It is just incredibly potent and you get your money’s worth without a doubt. 

I enjoyed this product so much that I even got my mom a bottle and she is fussy, especially when it comes to HA products. Safe to say that this is a product we will keep on repurchasing whenever in stock as this is the only such product my mom claimed actually helped and that made a difference to her skin. She is in her late 50s.

Overall, I am very pleased with the Klavuu Blue Pearlsation Ampoule and will definitely be reaching for it again. If you are in the market for a good hydrating product, I would highly recommend giving this one a try! You know me, it is rare that a product impresses me, but the Klavuu Blue Pearlsation Ampoule managed to do just that. Price-value wise, this is an incredible deal. 

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