Cult Beauty Advent Calendar + Good to Glow Goody Bag – worth £1500+

Cult Beauty Advent Calendar 2022

I popped right back with a public service announcement that I am sure will please many of you or even push you over the edge if you have been considering the Cult Beauty Advent Calendar bust just could not decide whether to go for it or not.

I know that some of you already purchased the calendar so I sincerely apologize and ask you to please not hate me.

Okay, so what is this incredible new deal regarding the Cult Beauty Advent Calendar?

You can now get the Cult Beauty Advent Calendar 2022 edition at its full price of £235 however on top of that you qualify for a beauty gift with purchase.

The beauty gift with purchase is the Good to Glow Goody Bag which was released a couple of so months ago. The Goody Bag used to be free when you would spend at least £195, however that is not that important now so I am not sure why I mentioned it. I am just incredibly excited I guess.

The Good to Glow Goody Bag is worth £455+ thus making this the best deal for the advent calendar we have seen this year or in general.

If you get the calendar while this offer is still available, you will end up with approx £1500 worth of products for just £235.

Have you ever seen a better deal?

Not that many times, I can tell you that.

What to do to redeem this offer?

In order to get the Cult Beauty Advent Calendar and get the Good to Gow Goody Bag on top, you need to enter the code GLOW at checkout.

What is inside the Good to Glow Goody Bag?

  • 111SKIN Rose Gold Radiance Booster 20ml, worth £90.00
  • Dr. Barbara Sturm Aloe Vera Gel 125ml, worth £50.00
  • Biossance Squalane and Vitamin C Rose Oil 30ml, worth £55.00
  • HUM Nutrition Daily Cleanse Clear Skin and Body Detox Supplement (60 Vegan Capsules, 30 Days), worth £27.25
  • REN Clean Skincare Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic 250ml, worth £28.00
  • LANEIGE Water Bank Blue Hyaluronic Cream Moisturizer 50ml, worth £33.00
  • Medik8 C-Tetra Luxe 30ml, worth £59.00
  • Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment 60ml, worth £78.00
  • Youth To The People Superfood Air-Whip Moisture Cream, 59ml, worth £42.00

What do you think of this beauty offer? And most importantly, how much do you hate me right now?

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4 thoughts on “Cult Beauty Advent Calendar + Good to Glow Goody Bag – worth £1500+

  1. Ah, it’s so disappointing, here I was so much in a hurry to get this calendar and now it’s been a part of several offers. Although I think I’d like the previous discount better than this GWP, there’s nothing in it I would need or just want.
    But you can never tell what will sell out and what will not, so what to do!

    1. True that. It was unexpected to see the calendar in stock for so long so there was no way of knowing it would still be here. I know the feeling as I went through it with Net a Porter last year. That is a calendar I honestly barely used the content of and one that was at the end at around 50%off when I got it for full price.

      Now, this Goody bag is one I kinda wanted as my wishlist included two of the products included in the gift. When the gift was released I was planning two get the two moisturisers when a Goody bag would land. However I could not justify the purchase at that time plus I did not need enough other products to make the threshold. Sure I did have other items I would have loved to pick up but not ones I actually needed if that makes sense.

      I cannot say I truly regretted not picking it up, but part of me wished I had. I did so now though.

      This is a calendar that was on my list as well from the beginning but also could not justify it, not truly. I was certain I would skip it, but now I did pick it up with this offer. It makes up for not getting the Goody bag back then and also satisfying the desire to grab the calendar. Plus, I also got nearly £25 worth of reward points.

      I did feel tempted to cancel my order around 7 times after reaching the checkout around 5 times that took me to actually place the order, but I decided to leave it be. Not sure I will grab much else anytime soon, with few exceptions…(little box or such)

      The items I normally would buy for BlackFriday went up in price for the first time ever. Now they cost double or triple they did before so even with a BF deal I am not sure I will pick them up. These stores never increased prices not even for previous BF events. I guess costs are going up in all sectors 🙁

      I am glad you are not disappointed though, at least not about this offer. I did think of you when sharing this 🙂

  2. The two moisturizers are the only products from the GWP I’d be interested in if I hadn’t enough stash to last me over a year. Looking forward to your reviews!
    I’m glad you’ve got the offer going for you. The calendar sparked a lot of joy for me and I hope it will do so for you 🙂

    Yeah, I’m curbing spending this year big time and don’t plan any shopping on BF, although I got earlier the Marie Claire calendar (fun, and I’ve got nice gifts for some people) and I bought Beauty & Seoul calendar which although a low value item so not subject to customs fees, is still subject to 23% import VAT. Never again parcel forwarding from the UK. Unfortunately the calendar wasn’t available for international shipping:(

    1. Oh shoot. I completely forgot about that calendar. When I first saw it I said I would get it 😐 yeah, it sucks to forward stuff from the UK now. They removed the no VAT rule for low value items as well. Hope you will enjoy your calendars though and don’t feel guilty about your purchases

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