LovBod Melting Mask for Hands

LovBod Melting Mask for Hands Review

I have seen LovBod around for quite some time, but never quite felt the need to try out their products. They looked nice and all but a bit strange, to say the least. Do not get me wrong, strange is good or even great at times, but when you feel less than inclined to use up products from certain categories even when they are “ordinary” products, it makes you wonder…

Yes, you caught me. I am incredibly fond of sheet masks and other types of such masks and do consider they are beneficial to your skin no matter what some skincare gurus may claim (I have seen the benefits on my own skin), but I am not fond of applying them. I am just not. So to get an even stranger mask for my hands did not seem like the brightest idea, but boy was I wrong.

I ended up getting my first products from LovBod through a set and as a gift with purchase and now I am more than looking forward to trying out more of their products. Keep on reading to find out why.

LovBod Melting Mask for Hands Review

LovBod Melting Mask for Hands

After trying the LovBod Melting Mask for Hands, I have to say I’m impressed! This ultra-thin cotton hydrogel mask pair adheres to the back of your hands and delivers a signature serum containing cactus flower extract and aloe vera. After using the mask, my hands immediately felt softer and smoother than ever before.

The serum also helped reduce super fine wrinkles and improve skin elasticity while still allowing me to go about my daily activities without worrying about the mask slipping off.

That’s quite rare as well as know that most masks, from facial sheet masks to feet mask are a hindrance to normal activity. They might work, but they can get a bit annoying.

These pad-like masks from LovBod do not.

They just stick to your hands and your fingers are free to move as needed. You barely even notice you have the mask on as compared to regular hand masks for example. Let’s put it another way – as compared to regular hand masks, you do not need to answer your phone with the tip of your nose. You can pick it up like a normal human being or you can be at your computer typing away at that report or working on that spreadsheet, or as in my case writing up this review.

Another thing I would like to mention is that these masks truly melt off. It is quite strange and oddly fascinating, but as you keep them on, the serum in the hydrogel gets absorbed into the skin nd the cotton thin layer is left behind. They should make more masks like these honestly as they are both cool and know exactly when it is time to take them off.

All in all, if you’re looking for an easy way to keep your hands healthy, this product is definitely worth trying out! It is an unexpected find to say the least and I honestly did not know what to make of it at first, but these small hand masks that are pad-like are worth it in my opinion.

Where can you purchase the LovBod Melting Mask for Hands from?


Coos Cosmetics (use my referral link and ge €5 off your order – ships internationally & are based in the EU)

Anthropologie US

Amazon US

Have you tried this product or anything like it before?

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