SpaceNK 12 Days Of Fragrance Advent Calendar

Introducing the Ultimate Ode to Scent: SpaceNK’s 12 Days of Fragrance Advent Calendar!

In this enchanting journey, we’ll unwrap the aromatic treasures, explore luxurious scents, and discover the essence of the holiday season.

Get ready to embark on an olfactory adventure like no other, as we delve into the world of exclusive fragrances and cherished surprises.

This year, elevate your festive spirit with the gift of scent, as we unveil the wonders hidden within the exquisite advent calendar by SpaceNK.

SpaceNK 12 Days Of Fragrance Advent Calendar Contents

  • E11even Fragrance Oil 10ml
  • Boy Smells Rose Load 10ml
  • Floral Street Sweet Almond Blossom EDP 10ml
  • Ellis Brooklyn Myth 10ml
  • Escentric Molecules Escentric 02 Refill
  • Laura Mercier Ambre Vanille 50ml
  • Malin+Goetz Dark Rum Oil 9ml
  • Juliette Has A Gun Sun Lust 10ml
  • Byredo Bal D’afrique 8ml
  • Acqua Di Parma Colonia Club 12ml
  • Rose Inc Limited Edition Candle 190g
  • Jo Loves Pomelo 15ml
  • Maison Margiela Lazy Sunday Morning 7ml
  • Tory Burch Electric Sky 10ml
  • Floral Street Sweet Almond Blossom Candle 75g
  • Diptyque Eau Capital Hair Mist 30ml

SpaceNK 12 Days Of Fragrance Advent Calendar Price and Value

The SpaceNK 12 Days Of Fragrance Advent Calendar has just launched. The calendar is priced at £150 and worth over £500. UK only.

SpaceNK 12 Days Of Fragrance Advent Calendar Comments

Let’s talk a bit about some of the products I used form this calendar and then I will tell you my overall opinion on this calendar. Shall we?

Floral Street Sweet Almond Blossom EDP is a delicate yet invigorating scent beautifully captures the essence of almond blossoms, bringing a touch of light autumn to your holiday season. The size of this one is a tad disappointing though as the brand itself is not exactly super expensive so a larger size would have been welcomed.

Byredo’s “Bal D’Afrique” fragrance is a masterpiece that encapsulates the essence of a vibrant and diverse continent. From the moment you experience this scent, you’re transported to a world of elegance and exoticism.

The top notes burst with a joyful blend of bergamot and lemon, evoking the feeling of a sunlit African morning. As the fragrance develops, the heart notes introduce the sweetness of orange blossoms and the enchanting floral bouquet of violet and jasmine. This combination is a harmonious tribute to the diverse flora of Africa.

What truly sets “Bal D’Afrique” apart is its base notes. The warm embrace of cedarwood, musk, and amber provides a rich and grounding foundation. It’s as if you’re standing on the red earth of Africa itself, feeling the culture and history seep into your senses.

The longevity of the fragrance is impressive, and the sillage is just right – not overpowering, but distinct enough to leave a captivating trail. Whether worn during the day or evening, it exudes confidence and sophistication.

“Bal D’Afrique” is more than just a fragrance; it’s a sensory journey that captures the spirit of adventure and the allure of the unknown. This scent is an embodiment of wanderlust and a testament to Byredo’s exceptional artistry. For those who seek a fragrance that’s both unique and universally appealing, “Bal D’Afrique” is a must-try masterpiece. It’s an invitation to explore the world through scent, and it leaves an indelible mark on anyone fortunate enough to experience it.

And I totally went overboard while describing this one, right? Bal D’Afrique is what started my passion for Byredo fragrances many years ago and it was probably the first more expensive fragrance I ever purchased. Fun fact, I picked it up from SpaceNK using a voucher form one of their advent calendars.

The calendar is a harmonious blend of established classics and contemporary treasures, featuring a range of sizes and forms to suit different preferences. It’s a true celebration of diverse scents, and the inclusion of both fragrances and fragranced products adds a delightful twist. The sizes while alright, they are a tad disappointing. I know that the value does rise up to the £500 or so mark but still, when looking at the products themselves it kinda does not feel like it, am I wrong? For the £150 price I feel that there should be something a bit more wow but then again SpaceNK does not feature all that many fragrance brands. This does not take away from the beauty of the calendar though. I get that it makes sense and I do believe this is a nice gift but as a consumer I cannot help but expect more for my money 😂

In conclusion, SpaceNK’s 12 Days of Fragrance Advent Calendar is a splendid treat for fragrance aficionados and those who simply love to surround themselves with captivating scents. Each day brings a new aromatic surprise, making this calendar an exquisite addition to your holiday traditions. It’s a fragrant journey worth taking, and it’s bound to make your festive season truly magical.

What do you think of the SpaceNK 12 Days Of Fragrance Advent Calendar?

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