Using More, Spending Less Challenge Results – October 2023

October was interesting to say the least. I hoped that I could keep up my progress but I wavered a bit here and there and the results will show that.

Still, it wasn’t;t all bad, right?

Keep on reading to find out all the details about my October spending.

October’s Purchases

Minis Shea Butter Hand Mask x 2 – £1.75 each

Miniso Tea Tree Nose Strips  – £1.75

Miniso Oil Absorbing Sheets  – £3.15

Miniso Cotton Pads – £1.40

Miniso Almond Milk Hand Mask  x 2 – £1.75 each

Gisou Honey Infused Lip Oil – £24.54

In October I ended up spending a total of £37.84 on beauty products.

September’s Empties

  • Nature Republic Jeju Sparking Cleansing Water  – £9.90
  • Beauty Pie Japanfusion™ Power Elixir Moisturiser (Step M3) – £12.32
  • Acropass Trouble Cure (skin cleanser 6ea+trouble cure 6 patches) – £4.82
  • Juice to Cleanse Clean Butter Shampoo Bar – £9.47
  • Minis Shea Butter Hand Mask – £1.75 each

In October I ended up emptying £40 worth of products. This resulted in an allowance of £20.

Allowance from posts

Allowance from Reviews – £5

  • Pestlo Saferecipe No Sebum Grinding Sun Pact SPF 50+, PA+++ – read the review here

Allowance from Social Media – £1

  • Instagram Post – £1

Total allowance from posts: £6

£20 (allowance from empties) + £6 (allowance from posts) – £37.84 (October’s Spending) – £3243.11 (previous closing balance) = -£3254.95

October was definitely not as bad as I had anticipated when the month started. I was expecting to see myself caving and finally picking up a few things and there. I never lasted this long without major purchases since I developed a love for beauty so it was definitely not expected. Furthermore, I was ready to pick up the YesStyle Advent Calendar but I was not lucky enough with that one.

On the other hand, I wandered a few too many times at the mall and thus picked a few bits and pieces. I even had the “audacity” to enter Sephora and asked for the one thing they never had in stock before – the Gisou lip oil and you guessed it, they had this time around so what was a girl to do?

Still, the overall results are not that bad I would say. Sure my deficit is a bit higher than it was last time we did this exercise, but not by a whole lot.

In other news, I may just be finally there. Where? At the place where I am ready to let go of many of my beauty products, especially of the ones I know I will never use. Those that I have not donated from the start, I have kept in hopes that I will review them one day, but that day is ever going to come for most of them if we are being honest. I had the best of intentions, but.. Furthermore, if there is anything that this scorching heat we experienced this year thought me is that I can live without many of the products that I picked up over the years. My routine consists mostly of Typology and K-Beauty products these days but it is also significantly simpler than it used to be.

This is a topic I may revisit in the future. Maybe once I am doing a bit better or such things will once again bring me joy, I will change my mind however I will try not to overdo it ever again as now I know what I need and what I do not really need, if that makes sense.

Before you go, I wanted to share something personal with you that has been on my mind lately. I hadn’t intended to bring this up so soon because it’s still something I’m trying to navigate, but a few recent hiccups made me feel like it’s time to let you in on what’s happening.

You see, my eyesight has been playing tricks on me for a while now. I’ve been following a prescribed treatment and things have been manageable, but a couple of days ago, I experienced quite a scary episode. Lately, I’ve been having dizzy spells and temporary vision loss more frequently than before, and last week was particularly intense. It’s enough to give anyone a jolt, right?

Please don’t worry or feel sorry for me, I assure you that’s not why I’m sharing this. All I ask is for a bit of understanding if you notice more typos or delayed updates on the blog. I absolutely love writing and chatting with all of you about beauty—it brings me immense joy and I have no intention of giving it up!

However, there might be times when I’m a bit slower with the updates as rest seems to help me feel better. Balancing rest with my other commitments can be challenging, but I’m doing my best!

Thank you for your continued support and understanding. Let’s continue to explore all things beauty together!

How did you do in October?

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2 thoughts on “Using More, Spending Less Challenge Results – October 2023

  1. I hope you’ll feel better soon! I’m really sorry to hear you’ve been not well. I felt panicky when reading about this episode, can’t imagine how it feels personally experiencing something like this. Hope you have space to take care of yourself and have all the rest and comfort you need.

    As for my stash, the growth is abysmal. I’m cheating because I’m taking my time with opening the calendars and still a bunch of stuff hasn’t arrived yet, so the number on paper is manageable, but the truth, oh my.

    And recently I’ve also made a decision to declutter the things I’m having a hard time to part with, most notably my Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow palettes, because even her day looks on me are very pronounced and it’s not a style I will sport in the nearest future. Not to mention bold looks. So I’m glad to be changing my eyeshadow wardrobe with two light and neutral palettes from Florasis and the StyleKorean calendar, because that’s exactly what I need right now. And maybe I’ll hit the pan, not just make a dent. And yeah, my skincare routine gets more deliberate, so I need less things and more specific ones. I’m slowly getting to the point where I’m less inclined to buy a set and rather get a product or two that I need.

    1. Thank you! I am feeling bette most days and have not had any majorly scary incidents since, however some movements and not being able to rest properly have indeed had a negative impact so I am doing my best to avoid such situations. As for the hauls, enjoy them. Do not over think it. Do not let guilt take away from your joy of playing with new items, especially items you totally deserve! You landed that job you wanted so a nice gift is totally deserved. In regards to items you no longer need, especially once that you have not touched, have you considered giving Vinted a try? not sure if it works in France, but it works in CEE for sure. I signed up as I wanted to get rid of some clothing items and say that many others are selling makeup and such.

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