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This is probably an odd article and something I have never done before despite having done my share of weird things around here. However, everyone needs a good hand cleaning gel no?

I know I do. I honestly cannot live without a cleansing hand gel in my bag or the pocket of my coat if I don’t have a bag on me. If you take public transport then you probably get where I am coming from, but even if you don’t. I definitely noticed an increase in my use when I used to take the bus or tube while I was living in London. I just could not bear the thought of touching my face by mistake or to move away flyaway hairs from my face on my way to school or while out. Just no. That is why I started using cleaning hand gel again.

Hand cleaning gels are a must have product, but not something you should abuse. They definitely do not replace washing your hands. Furthermore, cleaning gel can dry out your hands which is a no-no. But we kinda need them and not all are as harsh. How does Carex compare?

I know I was quite unhappy when I received the Carex cleansing hand gel in my September edition of the Glossy Box, but that had nothing to do with the brand. I never tried this brand of hand gel cleanser before so…is the product any good?


The Carex Love Hearts Cleansing Hand gel is affordable at only £1.55 RRP for 50 ml. That is a great size for that price. The bottle is great for carrying in your purse, but a bit heavy for a pocket. Furthermore, the bottle is easy to open which is great as what’s the point if you cover the bottle in bacteria.

The best thing? The Carex Love Hearts Cleansing Hand gel dries incredibly quick.

However, that is about it for the good parts. The scent of this hand gel is not at all appealing. It kinda smells like candy, but as the candy it is supposedly inspired by so the scent is not that impressing. Furthermore, the scent of alcohol is pretty strong as well.

The scent I can live with, but there is something I cannot live with and that is how drying the hand gel is. So while I do need cleansing gels and I do not abuse them, I still prefer one that is one as drying. Going from one issue to another is not a solution.

So no, I cannot recommend the Carex Love Hearts cleansing gel. It might be good in an emergency aka if you run out and this is the only one available at your local corner store, but not as something to carry around. Also, I cannot comment on whether the gel is actually good at killing bacteria as I no longer have lab access.

There are many more fish out in the sea so pick another one.

Do you use hand cleansing gel? Do you have a favourite?

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