Huda Beauty Matte and Metal Melted Shadow in Faux Fur & Bamboo Hoops

I don’t have much experience with Huda Beauty. There, I said it. I know that the brand is huge and even though I have been attracted to some of the products over time, I could never really bring myself to purchase them. I have tried eyeshadow from Huda, but never her melted shadows. So when I got a tube of melted shadows from Huda in the autumn gift from Harvey Nichols, I just had to try it. Here are my thoughts.

Huda Beauty Matte and Metal Shadow in Faux Fur and Bamboo Hoops Review

Well my first impression was a great one. How could it not be? Look at that packaging and packaging was the first thing I could see. The packaging is beautiful and luxurious. The product feels nice.

But what about the inside, Nana? You might wonder.

Well, the actual contents are nothing to frown upon. Both the matte and metal melted shadows are super soft. This makes them incredibly easy to apply. As a beginner, I am really happy about this.

Furthermore, both the matte and the metal shadow are super pigmented. The matte one is probably a bit more pigmented than the metal, but I am more than happy with the quality of both.

In terms of colour, the Faux Fur, aka the matte one does not impress me much. The colour is great for a base, but I am not excited about it. It is a good quality shadow and has some functionality, but that is about it as far as I am concerned. You might be able to create a cut crease using it.

As for the metal shadow, also known as Bamboo Hoops, well I really love it. The colour is a gorgeous gold and absolutely perfect for a night out, night time makeup or even for this holiday season. It even works for daytime makeup. You can achieve some amazing looks with this shadow. You can combine it with the matte one, combine it with other shadows altogether, use it as a topper, use it on its own and even as an eyeliner as the applicator permits it. I really love it.

Overall, I think this Melted Shadow tube from Huda Beauty is an interesting and amazing product. I love the quality and how luxurious it feels. The shadows are really cute and pigmented. Honestly, I have no complaints. Okay, personally I am not a fan of the colour of the matte one, but the shadow itself is great. I am looking forward to try some of the other variants.

These ones looks amazing, don’t you think?

Huda Beauty Matte and Metal Melted Shadow

Learn more here.

Huda Beauty Matte and Metal Melted Shadow

Learn more hereHuda Beauty Matte and Metal Melted Shadow

Learn more here.


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What’d o you think? Is this something that you would like to try?


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    I thought the matte side was a bit like concealer, but wondered if you could use it as a base for the metallic one. I’ve only ever bought a lipliner and faux eyelashes from Huda Beauty in the past! That Space NK GWP looks great, but mainly for the Diptyque Lys candle and the Monica Vinader bracelet!

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