Lush Tooth Fairy Toothpaste Jelly

lush tooth fairy toothpaste jelly

It must be winter if the Snow Fairy collection from Lush is back. I don’t have as much experience with this collection or even Lush as some of you might, but the Snow Fairy range is slowly starting to become my favourite one.

I tried my first product from this range just last year. A total shocker, I know! I cannot believe that I have been shopping at Lush for over 6 years and I had no idea the range even existed. Like I said above, I am not really a regular and when the holidays approach, I tend to avoid the store altogether. If you shop at the Oxford Street branch in London then you know why. Anyway, I tried my first product last year after I purchased it in a small shop in Wien and I was hooked. I could not wait for the range to come back in stock and it finally has.

The first product from the range that I want to share with you is the Tooth Fairy Jelly.

lush tooth fairy toothpaste jelly

Tooth Fairy Jelly Review

The Tooth Fairy from Lush is actually a jelly toothpaste as you probably figured out by now. Okay, now I am kinda stuck for words. What can one actually say about a toothpaste or jelly, as the case may be.

Trying this again. The Tooth Fairy Jelly is a dental care product that comes in a jelly format. It is so weird, but kinda interesting. I totally would have loved this as a kid. However, the reason why I find it interesting is not just the jelly format which is really fun to play with as you probably guessed, but also the taste.

The Tooth Fairy Jelly is a sweet kinda product. That is kinda weird for a dental care product, no? I personally think so. It kinda makes me question whether the product actually does anything good for your teeth or it is just a gimmick. Also, due to this reason, the jelly might just not be for everyone. Unless you have a sweet tooth, you probably won’t like it. Of course, you don’t have to swallow it or anything, but it does leave a kinda sweet taste in your mouth.

lush tooth fairy toothpaste jelly

Speaking about taste, the Tooth Fairy Jelly has a sweet taste, but it is also surprisingly refreshing.  The refreshing bit is toned down by the sweet component, but at the same time you can still feel it. Also, if you hate non sugar sweeteners or artificial sweeteners then this products might not be for you.  That is the only bit I actually have trouble with when it comes to this product. The taste in general is not that bad, but it does take some getting used to.

Look, like I said above, I don’t know if this is just a gimmick, but I do love the way my teeth feel after using this product. My teeth feel super clean and my overly sensitive gums are also very happy with product. I feel like the Tooth Fairy Jelly is more gentle than many other toothpastes out there while still doing a proper job at making you feel like your teeth are super clean.

Furthermore, the Tooth Fairy Jelly does not create a lot of foam and out of everything about this product, this is my favourite feature. It is so nice for a change! It depends on where you are from, but in Europe there are not many non foamy dental care products.

Overall, I kinda like the Tooth Fairy Jelly dental care product, but like I said several times, I do not know whether this is actually good for you. I am not a professional so… you know the rest. I just think that this product is fun to use for a while and it is particularly fun for kids. This is a product you can play with for a while, perhaps during the holidays, but this is something that I would not personally use for a longer period of time.


Do you love the Snow Fairy range as much as I do? You do have any recommendations?


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