Akademikliniken Pure Hand Cream Review

Finding the perfect hand cream seems to be my goal in life. This is not a goal I adopted because I am super obsessed with hand creams, but because I was forced to. In recent years, my skin began to crack to a painful level. Some of my cracks even bleed slightly from time to time which is so not okay. This does not happen only in winter though, but all year round. See? I told you I am forced to find the perfect hand care product. For that reason I was more than happy to see that Skin City included one such product in their beauty advent calendar as the 21st product. I am always happy to try out new products, but more so when it comes to those I desperately need.


Akademikliniken Pure Hand Cream

Akademikliniken Pure Hand Cream is not just a hand care product. Well, it kinda is while at the same time it is not. The hand cream from Akademikliniken is not only meant to protect your little paws ( I really hope that no one will find the expression offensive as I did not mean anything negative by it.), but it is also meant to slow down the aging process of the skin on your hands. I did not want to use the word ‘prevent’, as at some point it ageing will happen, but through the use of powerful active ingredients, the process will be slowed down significantly. And active ingredients is exactly what this product contains in the form of Retinol which as far as research suggests, is perhaps one of the best ingredients for anti ageing.

So as far as ingredients are concerned, the Akademikliniken hand cream is a pretty good option especially if you are looking for something more than just protection.

However, not all is great as far as I am concerned.

The Pure Hand Cream from Akademikliniken has a very greasy texture. The hand cream is not really creamy, it is more like a light grease. The product is soft and not thick, it is super greasy and runny. I honestly cannot say that I am fond of that. In fact, I kind of hate the texture. In addition, I cannot say that the scent of this product is too appealing either.

But, the hand cream is nourishing. I have to give it this!

Overall, while I like the fact that the cream helps with the anti ageing process of the skin on the hands and that the cream is also pretty nourishing, I cannot say that I am head over heels about it or that I am going to be using it daily. No, that is definitely not the case as even though I can get used to the less than appealing fragrance,  I cannot get past the greasy texture. That texture is public enemy number one for anyone who works an office job or spends their time typing.  It just does not work as the grease does not absorb completely.

Overall, I do say to give this hand cream a try, unless you can find something more appealing with anti ageing active ingredients. The use of Retinol was a brilliant decision on behalf of the brand and the only reason why I will continue using this product. While the Akademikliniken hand cream won’t become a staple in my beauty collection I will continue using it from time to time, but this is definitely not an all day/everyday kind of product.

Where can you buy the hand cream? 

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