cherry lip balm nivea

Nivea Cherry Lip Balm Review

This article does not need an intro really By now you probably know just how much I love Nivea, but also that I haven’t used some of their products in many, many years. The Lip Cherry Balm is one of them. This product was included as the 20th product in the Nivea Beauty Advent Calendar.

Nivea Cherry Lip Balm

This is going to be a short review as there are not many things to say about this product. The Cherry Lip Balm is a tinted lip balm. See, very straightforward! As the name suggests, the Cherry lip balm even smells a bit like cherry which is super cute. However, the scent is not overpowering and does not bother me at all while it is on the lips.

This Cherry Lip Balm from Nivea is very much like the Glossier Generation G in that it looks like you got a bit of a smudged colour. The contour of your lips won’t be perfectly defined if you are wearing this on your lips, but it looks super cute. The style you can achieve reminds me quite a bit of a “just kissed” look. It is easily achieved and looks quite hot so why not grab this product? I honestly see no reason why you should not get it.

cherry lip balm nivea

I do want to specify that unlike the Generation G, this lip balm from Nivea has a more glossy finish rather than a matte one. Furthermore, this product is quite hydrating, but not overly so. Unlike other lip balms from Nivea, this is not the most hydrating one. You do get some hydration, but this product is borderline makeup.

Overall, the tinted Cherry Lip Balm is slightly nourishing, tinted and looks great not he lips. The tinted lip balm is perfect fro those who do not like makeup much, but also for those who do. You can easily achieve an innocent, yet seductive look while using this, well, simple product. Furthermore, it is super affordable.

What are you waiting for?

You can purchase the Cherry Lip Balm here:


What do you think of the Cherry Lip Balm?


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