EOS Crystal Melon Blossom Lip Balm

This is a product I had for a while, but since it is still on the market I decided that it was time for me to talk about it. For that reason, today we are going to discuss the EOS Crystal Melon Blossom Lip Balm.

EOS Crystal Melon Blossom Lip Balm Review

I cannot believe it is has been so many months since I got this lip balm from EOS during one of my Urban Outfitter hauls. When I saw the lip balm, I knew that I had to try it. It looked simply too cute to pass up. However, I should have had my doubts. It is not like I heard many good things about EOS. I have used their products before and I was not impressed either. EOS is definitely one of those cases where the marketing made me do it. This time is no different.

My first disappointment was when I discovered that the Crystal Melon Blossom Lip Balm was not wobbly. For some reason I expected it to be a bit wobbly. No idea why, I just did. I guessed I hoped it would be different since it was clear, but no. The lip balm is really the same as the others we are familiar with from EOS, expect it is clear.


Okay, there might be another difference. This Crystal lip balm leaves your lips a tiny bit glossy compared to their traditional egg balms. However, that is pretty much it. Besides the look, obviously.

So the texture did not impress me. However, the scent was nice. The scent was not too strong, but it was there. The Melon Blossom lip balm smells really nice, especially when compared to the other crystal balms from EOS. The scent is a bit fruity and reminded me of melon, but like I said the scent is not too strong. I guess this is a good thing. You do have to wear it on your lips, close to the nose and on top of that you might even end up tasting it so…

This review is so boring, is it not? It might be my current state or simply the reason why I postponed writing it for so long. I honestly do not know what to tell you. I could keep going, but I would be simply beating around the bush and there is no reason for that. This review is already longer than it is necessary and now I am making it even longer it seems.


Okay, to sum up, this Crystal Melon Blossom lip balm from EOS is nothing special. It looks super cute, but it simply does not impress in any way, shape, or form. It is just meh. It is not even that hydrating, but that pretty much goes without saying by now. That seems to be the case with many of the EOS products from what I have experienced and heard from you. As I mentioned before, it does look cute but that is not really a good enough reason to purchase it.

So disappointed. I am really sorry EOS, but we might just need to go on a longer break. I truly wanted for us to get along, but that is just not happening.

Do you know a good EOS lip balm?

I refuse to think that this brands does not have an awesome product that everyone needs to try.


If you do want to try the Crystal Melon Blossom Lip Balm from EOS you can get it from:



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