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Ah, Glossier. Here we go again. You might already know about my experience with Glossier. If you don’t, let me catch up. My relationship is not that great. That is basically it. See, even those that did know did not have to suffer though a lengthily explanation. But you do have to suffer it seems though this awkward and weird intro. Like Jesse on the Neighbourhood’s Mixtape. I don’t know how to do an intro. In my case it is not like I haven’t done one before, it is simply that I cannot seem to learn how to do one. We all have out limitations. This seems to be mine. Oh, well. Let’s get on with it and talk Glossier.

Glossier Dotcom Balm in Birthday Review

The Birthday Dotcom Balm was not my first Glossier product and it was not even my first Dotcom balm. I am sucker for cute packaging, I admit to that. I never tried to hide this fact, however I wanted to try the lip balm because I just cannot believe that Glossier has to many fans and that the company managed to raise so much money. Actually no, that is a lie. I totally understand how and why the company managed to raise so much money. Duh, I did not amassed a lifelong amount of student loans debt for nothing. Anyway, despite prior experience with Glossier I still went for it, I still had to try the Dotcom Balm in this Birthday flavour.

glossier dot com balm in birthday

As always, the Glossier lip balm is super cute. There is just not denying that. All of Glossier’s products are super cute. That is the basis of this brand, this is what the brand was built on and why it gathered so much attention. The reason why it managed to maintain the attention is what baffles me most of the time, but even I had some products that I cannot live without, such as the stretch concealer or their skin tint. Okay, enough bashing. Let’s get to the point.

The Glossier lip balm in Birthday is a vaseline like balm. I usually do not like these ones, but even I have to admit that this format is usually more moisturising. This balm from Glossier however does not seem as greasy as some other ones, which is a welcomed surprise. So my point is that the texture is not half bad. It really isn’t. Also, you can apply as little or much as you want if you wish for the lip balm to feel thicker on your lips. Not sure why you would want this, but I am putting out here. It is not up to be to judge your preferences, I am just mentioning mine.

In terms of scent/taste, this lip balm is actually pretty amazing. The lip balm is a bit sweet, but not too sweet. The fragrance also reminds me of sweets/candy/birthdays or other happy festivities. It is a happy products, if I can say that. So this Birthday flavour is definitely one I can become obsessed with, okay, I am already obsessed with. However, despite it being sweet, the lip balm does not taste as if you’ve just ate your way through a candy store. It is a bit on the sweet side, but it is not obnoxiously sweet. So don’t worry. It is tempting to eat though.

As for the look of it, the Birthday Dotcom balm from Glossier is untainted, but it does have a slight shimmer to it. You can wear it on its own or even on top of your favourite lipstick. If you do apply it on top of lipstick, I recommend using an incredibly tiny amount as lip balms such as this one do have a dual function or third function even and that goes against making your lipstick look even cuter. I will tell you what I mean soon and hopefully won’t forget to update this bit!

Overall, I am pleased to say that I found a third product from Glossier that I love. There are a few more, but too bad it took me going through their entire range to discover them. I will talk about those some other time, for now let me sum up this review.

If you want to try a Dotcom balm from Glossier, then this Birthday one is a very good option. I truly recommend this product.


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