NMF Hydrating Body Mist

SkinCity NMF Hydrating Body Mist Review

Today we are going to be talking about SkinCity’s NMF Hydrating Body Mist. If I am not mistaken, this is the very first product from SkinCity’s own range that they launched in early 2020 that I am reviewing. Once the products were released, I ordered a few, but I got them just before the first lockdown and I left them behind as I did not think I would be gone for this long. It is what it is. Products can be repurchased if needed…. Anyway, luckily, I can now review this mist that was included in the SkinCity Beauty Advent Calendar 2020. I was really looking forward to talking about the new body range with you and here is my chance.

SkinCity NMF Hydrating Body Mist

The NMF Hydrating Body Mist is a product that I did not purchase before. The product was included in the SkinCity Beauty Advent Calendar and that is how I got to try it for the first time. Look, if I a being honest, when I saw it, I had my doubts. I already knew that SkinCity is amazing at what they do, but body mists are rarely any good. I was wrong, sort of.

Despite this being a lotion mist, the NMF Hydrating Body Mist is super fine. You don’t get hosed down with lotion (an exaggeration) or anything. You get a super fine layer of product particles that disperses pretty well over the sprayed on area. This is more fine than most makeup setting sprays if you can believe it! I cannot say that I mind. When I use a body mist, I am looking for something fast that does not necessarily require a lot of time to dry nor a lot of rubbing. You can totally get away with applying this NMF Hydrating Spray and then getting dressed. By the time you pick up your clothing and start pulling it on, the product is already dry. Sure, you can use your hands to spread the product a little bit more, but I do not find it mandatory.

What does this product actually do? Well, it is supposed to help repair, moisturise, soothe and add radiance to your skin.

Does it do all that? Pretty much, yes.

The only bit I am not so sure about is the radiance bit, but I guess to some extent you can claim it does that as well. As for soothing, I am more than happy to report that it totally does this.

I have small bumps on my forearms which from time to time become angry red, they are not super noticeable to anyone but me, but more than not looking aesthetically pleasing, they also bother me. When something like that happens, I use this body mist from SkinCity and they tend to be soothed and then slowly become less visible. It is not a perfect solution, but nothing else seemed to work in the past so I take whatever I can.

The NMF Hydrating Body Mist is also moisturising, but not the same extent as a body cream or body butter. This product is perfect for a quick touch up more than anything or for whenever you are being lazy. It is still better than applying nothing at all, especially doing winter when skin tends to dry up a bit.

Is the NMF Hydrating Body Mist a product you absolutely need to own? Not really. You can live without adding this product in your routine, but it is super nice, feels nice and does not have an overmpoering fragrance. The products smells fresh and the fragrance is super faint. I recommend trying it at least.

NMF Hydrating Body Mist

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