Tan Luxe Illuminating Drops in Light/Medium

tan luxe illuminating drops

Now this is a review that is going to be interesting to write. Why? Cause I have no idea what the hell I am doing writing this in the first place. I have like zero experience with tanning products. Each time I end up with a tanning product, I try to dispose of it ASAP.

Growing up I used to get a natural tan that was incredibly dark, so dark that if I looked like that now it would lead to wrong conclusions and draw accusations. It would take months for it to go away. Even in winter I was still a little bit tan and that was not from purposely exposing myself to the sun aka sun bathing. No, it was just from playing outside. However, in time I understood the dangers and tried to take precautions. I started spending less and less time in the sun and always wearing sun screen, except for those required minutes for a healthy life, as per some testing I undertook. You do need to soak up some vitamin D. It took me years to learn what my skin looked like without being even a little bit tan and that was at a time when people would criticise (did they ever stop?) white, pasty skin. The idea is that I grew to love myself just the way I am. Natural. So with the exception of that one time when I tried a tanning product when I was like 12, I stuck to natural. If tanning is something you love, then that is your choice. Some of my closest friends and family love it as well. I am not judging, but it is not for me.

Since it has been so long since I was visibly tan, I decided to give this product from Tan Luxe a try. If things went wrong, there would be no one but my family to see it, you know? This is one of the advantages of current times, we can try whatever, we can try some those things we never dared to try when it comes to our appearance in particular and fix them if we do not like them before anyone sees them. I am still tempted by pink hair!

As I was saying, I gave the Tax Luxe Illuminating Drops a try. The product has an oily, serum like texture and it can be easily mixed with your favourite moisturiser. I made the mistake of first applying it to my arm without mixing it. Okay, I would not necessarily call it a mistake. The results were pretty uniform, no spotting but a bit too much for my skin colour. Mixed with moisturiser, the effects are a bit more mellow as you use less product that way.

So unlike the last product I tried years ago, this one from Tan Luxe did not leave me with any white spots nor any that were too dark. The appearance was quite uniform. I did not need to do anything other than apply the product as I normally would any other serum, moisturiser etc. There is no fuss and no stress. The skin begins to appear more pigmented a few hours after application and the effects last for several days. So the little bottle will definitely last you quite some time.

I still feel ridiculous writing this. I am no expert on any of the topics I write about, but I know a thing of two about ingredients and am able to tell you which product is better from those I tried. These are things you learn in time. However, given my limited experience with tanning products, I am most likely the last person who should be talking about them. Do keep that in mind this as you are reading. Then again, the fact that I was able to use the product and achieve great results using the Illuminating Drops from Tan Luxe should tell you something about the product.

One thing I would like to add though is that this Light/Medium shade? is a bit dark for my skin. I know, right? While the product is quite subtle, maybe I am too pale from staying inside, more so than usual.

Overall, I kinda recommend this product and the person I gave the bottle to, recommends it even more. I am actually quite curious now to see what is going on with Tan Luxe and perhaps find a product that works for me, one that I can pull off and use.

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