Updates: Sephora France and Delivery to the UK

A few months ago, I posted an article on how you can order from Sephora France. The article was incredibly well received as many people wished (still do) that Sephora would come to the United Kingdom. I was one of them, but when I discovered this alternative and especially after the US website stopped shipping internationally, I was glad to take whatever I could.

Why I am writing this now? Not only some things changed since the time of writing, but also due to the fact that I received a few comments and in particular a series of angry emails.

I was accused of lying. I know that I should not respond and normally I would not, however in this case this is not just a situation of defending myself, but also providing an update on what is going on.

At the time of the writing, the information was accurate. Sephora France was an option for those living in the United Kingdom. Everything I shared in my previous article was based on my own experience and not just on information I gathered online. I try to make sure that every article provides as much value as possible. I hope you know this.

Here are a few of my orders from Sephora France to the United Kingdom.

Now I feel like I am someone with access to classified information being asked to testify. I did not think this through…Unfortunately, my receipts contain personal information which I do not believe is necessary to be shown on here.

I even placed a few orders in 2020, but those were placed together with some friends so the receipts are not on my account.

Up to the end of 2020, Sephora France did offer delivery options to the UK.

Sadly, things have changed. So thank you upset readers for pointing out that Sephora France no longer delivers to the United Kingdom. I checked myself and that seems to be the case. Once Brexit came into effect, Sephora France limited its delivery options to EU member states and a few states with special status.

Partial list of countries where Sephora France delivers to starting 2021. The full list is available here.

So it is true. Sephora France is no longer an option for beauty lovers across the United Kingdom starting with 2021. If things will change, I will post a new update. I am incredibly sorry for the disappointment this caused.

Have you used Sephora FRance to get your goodies in the UK?

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