How to Shop at Sephora From the UK

*Updates: Sephora France halted delivery services to the UK starting January 1st More information here.

Shopping at Sephora is the dream of many beauty lovers living in the United Kingdom. Trust me, I know as I was one of them. Once upon a time, that dream was possible by ordering online from the American website. However, that was not much of a dream, now was it? With custom taxes and inability to actually import most of the items that were not being sold in the UK, it was pointless to go through all the trouble. The website then stopped allowing international orders and the dream/nightmare or whatever it was, was no more. Not all is lost though.

Okay, now this is starting to sound like I am narrating a Disney story. Anyone else caught that? It sounded so much like a movie in my head, quite freaky actually. Anyway…

You can totally order from Sephora, even if you live in the UK.

You can totally order from Sephora, even if you live in the UK. The only difference now is that you do not have to resort to ordering from across the pond (well, actually…), okay, so you no longer have to order form across the Atlantic (is that better?), you can get your Sephora goodies from Sephora France.

That does not sound as exciting does it?

It might not be, however there are still some advantages.

Why should you shop at Sephora France?

  • Sephora France carries, well, the Sephora brand. Sephora’s own brand items are remarkably good, at least some of them and they are not otherwise available in the UK. That is still something!
  • Sephora France sells products from certain brands that are not available in the UK, mostly French brands and some other continental Europe less known brands.
  • Some of the items that you can purchase in the UK are actually cheaper at Sephora France, even on a normal day (Sol de Janeiro’s Bum Bum Cream is one of them – in the UK, the body cream retails for £44, at Sephora it is €40.99 (around £38))
  • Sephora France has many gifts with purchase offers eg. get 11 minis/deluxe sizes with an €80 purchase (just an example)
  • Sephora France have quite a few sales throughout the year
  • Sephora have their Sephora Favourites Collections which are great for trying out new products (or for gifting) – you usually get a series of similar products from across several brands plus you get more value than what you pay for

How to make the most of your shopping experience at Sephora

I already gave you some reasons why shopping at Sephora makes sense. But how does it actually work in practice and how should you go about shopping at Sephora France so that you get the most for your buck?

Well, if I were you, I would go for Sephora brand items and Sephora Favourites Collections for the most part, Furthermore, I would usually get some of these when there are sales or gift with purchase offers. If my basket value is still not enough to get the best deal on shipping and such, I would also buy something that is not available in the UK or something that I repurchase often (such as the Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Cream I mentioned above). If I choose to go with an item that I repurchase often then I would make sure that the price is better than in the UK.

That is about it really.

This is not something I do often, shopping at Sephora France I mean, but I do it if it makes sense or want something in particular such as a Beauty Advent Calendar for example.

Additional info

Shopping at Sephora France is incredibly easy. I hope that I got that point across above, but if not, here it is again.

  • Head onto Sephora France (use Google Translate or a similar tool if you have trouble with French, but it should be quite intuitive either way – it looks like every other website, but better safe than sorry)
  • Choose your items (think about the suggestions mentioned above)
  • Create an account (becoming a Sephora member is always useful as you might get additional offers from time to time)
  • Choose the Shipping Option
  • Checkout
  • Await your order (my order usually arrived in 4 days)

*At the time of writing there are no additional taxes, however this might change once the transition period for Brexit is over early next year.

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You might wonder why I decided to share this with you now. The answer is simple, I started talking about the Sephora beauty advent calendars again recently because I loved last year’s edition (review of the 2019 Sephora Christmas Favourites Beauty Advent Calendar) and the new one is already out (advent calendars 2020 info here) and I realised from my conversations with some of you that you did not know that purchasing the calendars was possible. I did a poor job at getting this point across last year so I decided to write a full post on how to go about shopping at Sephora France so that everything would be more clear and not so easy to skim over in a non-dedicated post.

Of course, shopping at Sephora France is not just about getting an advent calendar, There are more reasons why you should try it, as detailed above.

Hope you found this post useful and do let me know if you have any more questions or concerns.

Shop now at Sephora France

Have you ever shopped at Sephora France from the UK? Share your experience below.

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  1. This is just not true!! England or any of the countries in the UK are not in the list of the countries delivery. Very disappointed on this article!

    1. I am sorry for the disappointment this has caused. However, I can assure you that at the time of writing this article was indeed correct. It seems that starting January 1st, the day Brexit came into effect, the shop stopped deliveries to countries out side the EU and those with special status. Personally, I ordered many times form the shop in previous years and never had any issues.

  2. Sephora France no longer ships to the UK. We have an account and have been ordering successfully for years with UPS delivering to our UK address no problem. This week the UPS option no longer works for UK and an email to Sephora asking why,, got a one line response..”We no longer ship to UK”. Presumably its Brexit related !

    1. Yeah. I assume it is Brexit related as well. I posted an update on this post and sadly they only deliver to EU countries and those with special status. 😢

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