Glamour Wellness Edit Beauty Box – Out Now

Not sure how the weather is where you are, but where I am, things are craaazy. I went out one morning and everything was snow covered and it was still snowing and then, the next day it was like it had been spring all along. Then it started snowing again and now it is pretty and warm. Hope it will last as I want to do a new type of post, using WordPress’ new feature. Fingers crossed! Until then though, I have a new launch for you from Glamour and it looks pretty exciting. Have a look for yourself.

Glamour Wellness Edit Beauty Box Contents

  • Neom Bedtime Hero Magnesium Body Butter, £36
  • Oto Ritual CBD Hand Balm, £29
  • Perfectil Platinum Collagen Hair Drink, £39.98 for 10 bottles
  • Aurelia Citrus Botanical Cream Deodorant, £18
  • Westlab Mindful Bath Salts, £4.99
  • Molton Brown Rhubarb & Rose Scented Candle, mini
  • CBII Daily Wellness Hemp Seed Oil Capsules, £24
  • Ann Summers My Viv Pebble Personal Massager, £10
  • Ann Summers Orgasm Gel, £15
  • Dame Organic Cotton Tampons* (regular or super sized), £3.29 for 14

Price and Value

The beauty box or actually wellness/self-care box from Glamour is priced at £29.99 and has a value of £180. The box is available for purchase here.


After such a year, not only do we need a box like this one, but I feel like it is even recommenced. Who even cares that the price/value ratio is fantastic. Okay, we totally do, but still..

The new box from Glamour is very well thought and it covers everything one could need for a relaxing time. Let’s not mention that this is as discrete as it can get when it comes to purchasing some of the items above. Sure, more and more beauty retailer sell some of the above and packing of “certain” products has become less cringe, or so I am told, but this is actually a fantastic opportunity for the more prudish of us to acquire some of these products. I am just saying *shrug. Unfortunately, I was born in a society where some of these things are considered taboo to even talk about and nothing has changed so… I was never of the same opinion. I am a strong believer in expressing yourself in whichever form or shape you wish and that extends to what to you do behind closed doors (or opened if that is more of your jam) as long as it is done in a safe and consensual manner. To each their own as long as no one gets hurt. That is all I am saying.

Overall, I think is box is a perfect gift for yourself or for a friend who is in need of a little TLC. Have fun!

What do you think of this new box from Glamour?

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