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I started writing this intro several times now and there is no way I can make it less awaked. I have no clue what is wrong with me, but it seems that I am getting worse with each passing day.

Ever since Brexit I have turned to books in my native language as it is too time consuming, too difficult and honestly expensive to import them. Business or non-fiction books in general are something I struggle to read on e-readers for some reason. I usually try to take notes and to grasp the info, to assimilate it which is why paper based is better when it comes to such books, at least as far as I am concerned. Space wise, it would definitely make more sense to have them on my tablet, especially as I found many that I am pretty sure I will never read again…

Anyway, I have been reading and talking more in my native language than probably ever before and I am getting the feeling that it might show in my writing as well. I hope that it does not, especially since it took me several years after moving to the UK to become more comfortable expressing myself in English. I was super confident before moving because I had been studying the language and started speaking it at the same time as my native language, but it is not the same, not unless you use it every single day and everyone around you speaks it. English in a book is vastly different than English spoken in English speaking countries. So yeah, it took me a while until I stopped sounding a bit like an idiot and stopped stuttering because I could not find the right words when I needed them. Going back is not an option. That is what I wanted to say with all of the above. I refuse to let the progress I made be erased. After all, I guess, I do know what is wrong. It took me writing this whole bit to realise it. Hmm, interesting what things come out when you put them out there, no?

And so e have yet another interesting and off topic intro to this post. When don’t we?

Okay, so the reason I popped on here today was to let you know that the Latest in Beauty Style Award are back. This is a great opportunity to get your hands on some cool beauty products, but you need to move fast. This will be perhaps the first time I will not take part (again, Brexit..), but I love these events as I got so many great beauty products in the past and overall got huge value for my money. But let’s see how it works, shall we?

For this edition of the Style Awards, Latest in Beauty are organising two drops. One drop is taking place today and one on April 4th. Each drop will land at 11AM and it will consist of 23 products. Again, you have to move fast as the products cannot be reserved and they can disappear from your basket. The best products are picked the fastest so you will want one of those people to be you.

Oh yes, I forgot the most important bit. So the drop consists of 23 products and you need to choose 6 of them for your box. You can create a box now and one for the April drop. The box is priced at £28, however the value can go up to £140+ depending on the items you pick.

Brands included in the March drop include: ELEMIS, Biossance and Bobbi Brown, but also many more. I sadly do not have any info regarding the April drop at this time.

That is basically it. You go onto Latest in Beauty. You add 6 items from a list of 23 to your basket and checkout as fast as you can to avoid disappointment. You can do this today and once again on April 4th. Best of luck!

I wasn’t kidding above. You need to move fast. I lost many products over the years as they sold out while I was trying to decide what else to get. Luckily, usually there are only 5-7 products that seems to grab everyones attention so don’t stress out about it either. I do have a knack to get people to stress out and I am sorry. That was not my intention. Do remember that this should also be fun and that there will be many other opportunities if this is not for you. I am not just saying this to rid myself of my guilty conscience. You know I deliver!

I am a huge fan of these event. I got myself some Dr Sebagh Serum Repair, some Argentum, Burberry and more over the years. I never regretted my choice and my decision to get involved with this sort of events. That is what I have been trying to say. They could definitely prove to be a good opportunity to grab some goodies, but if there is nothing of interested or you miss out, there will be other opportunities.

My top picks from the first drop:

Shop here.

What did you get from the Style Beauty Awards Edit?

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