Glamour – The Skincare Edit Beauty Box

Glamour is back and so am I. Bad joke, sorry. Not even a joke, I guess… Anyway, Glamour is back with a new edition of their beauty boxes. This new launch comes shortly after their last one which is cool. This is a trend we can totally get behind, at least I can. Let’s move past my cringe-worthy intro and let’s dive into the contents of this new skincare edit. Shall we?

Glamour Skincare Edit Beauty Box Contents

  • EVE LOM Cleanser (50 ml) – worth £27.5
  • GLOSSIER Super Pure (30 ml) – worth £24 (full size)
  • LIXIRSKIN Vitamin C Paste (50 ml) – worth £32 (full size)
  • PIXI Vitamin Wakeup Mist (80 ml) – worth £16 (full size)
  • WISHFUL Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub (40 ml) – worth £18 (travel size)
  • BLISS Bright Idea Vitamin C & Tri-Peptide Serum (30 ml) – worth approx. £19 (full size)
  • U BEAUTY Resurfacing Compound (15 ml) – worth £85 (travel size)
  • DECORTÉ Prime Latte Facial Mask (6ml x 3 Sheet Masks) – worth around £10 (sample)
  • VERSED Skin Soak Rich Moisture Cream (43g) – worth £16.50
  • MAKETHEMAKE Hyaluronic Lip Oil (6 ml) – worth £10

Price and Value

The new skincare box from Glamour is priced at £44.99 and base don my calculations, this box has a value of around £258. This beauty box represents a 83% saving.

The box is available for purchase here.


First of all, I find this box to be incredibly cute and love the fact that it cones quite a few products we have not seen in beauty boxes or gifts in a while or ever! The box is cute and refreshing IMO. It is unexpected and yet perfect for everyone. It might appeal more to those under 40, but there are products that can be used by anyone regardless of age really.

Hmm, I have only used two products from this box so I am going to start by talking about them. One I liked while the other I pretty much hated.

One of the products I used from this box is the Pixi mist which I am pretty sure I got at a Glamour Beauty Festival. They pretty much included one such product in every single one of their goody bags throughout the years. The mist should not be called a mist as I found it to the anything but. I could say that maybe just mine was faulty, but I had 5-6 mists from Pixi (not the same one, but in the same type of bottle) and I did not like any of them. Not only did I not like the spraying mechanisms, but the product itself did not work for me and it felt weird on my skin. This one in particular felt tingly which is not really a good thing in this case. I do hope that it is my skin that reacted and that the product works for someone else, but personally, I never want to try any of these mists again. I had enough of them.

The other product is one that I actually wanted to review for the past few weeks. I obviously haven’t as I have been too lazy to take proper pictures of it. Instead, I spent my time sticking rhinestones and whatnot to the cap.

This MakeTheMake lip oil is a product I use pretty much every single day. I love it. The oil feels incredibly nice on the lips and it looks cute as well. However, most importantly, it softens the lips and leaves them hydrated due to the hyaluronic acid. Then again, I have yet to find a product from the brand that I did not like. If you want to learn more about MakeTheMake products, you can read my review of their watermelon hydrating mist here and that of their hyaluronic acid highlighter here.

I did try a third product, the Resurfacing Compound from U Beauty. I know that many of you got along with it, but I do not have an opinion yet as I haven’t used it enough times. However, my first impressions were meh, especially if you consider the price of this product. This is still a good opportunity to try the product without spending a small fortune on it.

Okay, now for the rest of the products. I do have some comments even if I never tried them.

Let’s start with Glossier. This is a brand I have a like-hate relationship with. Yes, like and not love. There are a couple of products that are unlike any others on the market, however the rest of the products are pretty bad. Despite this fact, I keep on buying their stuff for some reason. It is pretty hard to resist as their marketing used to be THAT good. Seriously now, I tried nearly every single of their products by now and I haven’t found many that are worth it. The serum included here could be okay-ish if not even good, it is pretty hard to get it wrong, but the price is off-putting. When you can get amazingly good such products for a fiver, why should you pay five times more? With that being said, I am happy to see it included here for all of you who were tempted and keep putting it off. This is a great opportunity to try it, love it or get it out of your system. For those of you who did end up loving this product, this is also a great opportunity to get a new bottles for way less.

Then, there is Bliss. Bliss is a beauty brand that left the UK a while ago and I do not think it has made its way back, not really. I thought that when Beauty Pie started growing and becoming more established, Bliss would also come back, but I believe that Marcia K. (owner of Beauty Pie) sold the brand in the meantime… I always regretted not trying this brand while it was still around. As such, I am glad to see one of their products included in the Glamour box. You know how I am when it comes to products that are not easily available haha.

Overall, I find this beauty box is pretty cool and fun. This is a great opportunity to try some new beauty products from both high end brands and from high-street ones.

What do you think fo this new beauty box?

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