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SpaceNK is back with a new edition of their Beauty Heroes Box and I have to say that this one just might be my favourite one yet. Curious? You can read all about the new beauty deal from SpaceNK below, including some of my thoughts on the products included in this new volume.

Beauty Heroes Vol 3 Contents

Price and Value

The Beauty Heroes Volume 3 from SpaceNK is priced at £90 and has a value of £182.95 thus making this beauty box represent approximately a 50% saving.

The new beauty box is out now and can be purchased here.


Like I mentioned in the intro, this new Beauty Heroes Vol 3 Box has to be my favourite one so far. That still holds true. The box contains whether products I loved for a while or products that I have high hopes for and am super curious to try.

Malin + Goetz Eucalyptus Deodorant: This deodorant is a very good option for anyone who wishes to use aluminium free deodorant. The product is soothing and has a nice, mild fragrance. While not my favourite deodorant out there, this product does rank pretty high. However, you do need to be aware that if you decide to switch from an aluminium deodorant to this one, an adjustment period may be needed. Not only does it feel a bit different, but it behaves differently. Also, at first you might go through a “detox” like period which might make you think that the product does not work. That is not the case, but again, patiences is needed.

Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector: This product from Olaxplex is the product that made me give the brand a chance. Turns out I actually purchased the best product from the brand first, but we’ll discuss that more later. Until then, I have to say that the No.3 Hair Perfector is brilliant and it worked miracles on my damaged hair. I had a very blunt haircut (home haircut) and I believe I ruined the bonds of my hair tips as they would sting my skin each time they would make contact. After several uses of this product, my hair was as new, super healthy and I was finally able to enjoy my new haircut. I have been using it ever since for maintenance and I have no regrets for having purchased it. The product did not leave any residue, does not make my hair impossibly soft and yet, it leaves it looking glossy and generally healthy.

I tried the Isle of Paradise product once as well, but I do not feel like that is enough to comment on it. The results were uniform and milder than I expected, but then again I really have do not have much experience with it nor such products in general.

While I haven’t tried it yet, the Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Body Scrub has been on my wishlist since it first came out. I am obsessed with the Cheirosa ’62 range from Sl de Janeiro, as you might know, and I incredibly curious to give this one a try. Sol de Janeiro products haven’t disappointed me in the past, well, not those from this range, so I do believe this product could be a good one.

As final remarks, I believe the Fresh Mist could be quite good as well. It sounds like an interesting product and a great way to try something from Fresh. This is a brand I am rarely tempted to purchase anything even though some of their products are not bad at all. However, I do welcome the opportunity to try something from them, especially something I have never used before. Not sure what your relationship with Fresh is like, but I do believe it can be a factor that influences one’s decision either way.

While I would have liked not to see any makeup products included, I like that they’ve only included one and a mascara at that. Mascara is a product you can wear regardless of whether you are still wearing a mask. So maybe some thought did go behind the choice which I do appreciate even if mascara and I do not get along.

As always, I am incredibly happy to see an SPF included. You can never have too many, especially since a good one is hard to come by. Actually, with the risk of repeating myself, not jus a good one, but one that works for you and one you can enjoy having on for long periods of time. The Kiehl’s one promises to be a light weight one so it might actually be one we want to have in our stash. Don’t know about you, but I dislike all such products that just sit on the skin, making me feel gross.

Overall, I really like this beauty box even now that I took each product one by one and commented on it, thought about each product more. However, I do find the price of the Beauty Heroes Vol 3 Box to be a bit high and the value/price ratio not that great either. If I wanted to use or try each and every single product in this box, then fair enough, I would have no doubts on whether to get it or not, but like this I am hesitating a bit.

Grab the Beauty Heroes Vol 3 Box here.

What do you think of the Beauty Heroes Vol 3 and its contents?

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