Harvey Nichols Summer Body Beauty Gift with Purchase worth £170+

Harvey Nichols is back with another one of their smaller beauty gifts with purchase. While I believe this is the second one we’ve seen so far, I am yet sure what I think of these. While I love the idea of there being more beauty gifts with purchase to choose from and especially some that are more affordable to get thus, more inclusive, there was just something special about the huge beauty gifts with purchase the retailer used to offer. There was a bit of anticipation and a lot of excitement for spring and then autumn to arrive so that we could get our hands on those magnificent deals. Hm… I am rambling (again) so I will stop for now. Let’s have a look at the new Summer Body Beauty Gift, shall we?

Harvey Nichols Summer Body Beauty Gift with Purchase Contents

Amanda Harrington Ultimate Gradual Tan 180ml

Sarah Chapman Skinesis Bodylift Tool

This Works Stress Check Hands Sanitiser 60ml

Augustinus Bader Body Lotion 30ml

Escentric Molecules Escentric 03 Body Wash 200ml

Dr Dennis Gross Alpha-Beta Exfoliating Body Treatments (8 treatments?)

Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve (cannot tell whether 25ml or full size 75ml)

Price and Value

In order to qualify for the Summer Body beauty gift with purchase you must purchase two or more beauty products during a single transaction of at least £125. The beauty gift with purchase has a value of £170.

Also, you must be signed in if you wish to redeem this offer as well as include the code SUMMERBODY at checkout if the beauty gift is not automatically added to your basket.

Get it here.


Other than the fact that I am not very fond of the name of this gift (they could have done worse for sure), but still, and maybe I am reading too much into it, even if they are not referring to a specific body which they believe is the perfect body for summer, by suggesting you need these products to be ready for summer… Perhaps they did not mean anything by it, but I still find it a bit offensive as it begs the comparison – summer body vs winter body as if they would be two different things. These narratives are better left in the past IMO.

There is nothing wrong about wanting to take care of your body and maybe even preparing it for summer, but by that I do not mean getting leaner or loosing weight or anything of the sort. I am talking about taking precautions and using products such as SPF to ensure that the skin does not get damaged from sun exposure. The one thing not featured on the list above? SPF. I know that SPF can be trickier to ship to certain areas of the world, but as far as I can tell these gift does not ship internationally either so…

You know me. I do not vent just for the sake of venting. I simply tell things as I see them and I do not have anything against Harvey Nichols. Personally, I love shopping at Harvey Nichols (online) and their phone based customer service has always been nice. I stressed those two things – online & phone based – as their in store personnel is the only one that ever made me cry. After my only visit to their store (even though I lived next to it for 5 years), I felt so embarrassed and so humiliated that I felt like crying and even shed a few tears after leaving the store. This happened at the Fenty counter btw. It also taught me an important lesson – never let anyone ever again apply makeup on me in a store. I was shade testing the foundation and it left me with a parting gift – a deeply infected spot on my face, one unlike any other that I ever had. Despite this unfortunate event, I kept on shopping at Harvey Nichols, but stuck to the online store from that moment forward. However, just because I do enjoy shopping at a store, that does not mean I cannot recognise whether a campaign could be problematic or have an opinion on certain things.

With that being said, let’s get back to the gift. I started the first paragraph in this section in a way that suggested that something would follow and I got way distracted from where I was going with that phrase.

Yes, I do not like the name of the campaign and what it can imply. However, the contents of the gift are pretty nice. I am never going to get excited about a tanning product, but the rest of them are pretty interesting. I love seeing that they’ve included the Body Lotion from Augustinus Bader. This is a great opportunity to try more from the brand and particularly to try without purchasing the product in full size. I always find that getting to try a product, especially one you’ve been curious about is a great thing, however while AB products are quite good, I did find them to be a tad too expensive than they should be given their quality and specifically their shelf life. Or maybe I just had a bit of bad luck where the brand is concerned. However, both full sized products and all the various deluxe samples I got over the years did not last as long as indicated on the jar. They started smelling off not long enough after opening them. So for that reason, I find it fantastic that they’ve included this product so at least you know.

The Stress Check Hands Gel from this Works is a pretty alright hand sanitiser and perfect to use at the office when you are stressed. While none of these supposedly calming scents ever really helped me, this one I did find a bit relaxing. However, the gel itself does leave a residue so after several uses you will want to wash your hands. That is why I said use it around the office or somewhere where you have access to running water. I used to take it with me while shopping, but gave up on it after a while.

I don’t know what to tell you about the Escentric Molecule Body Wash. Their body washes are actually pretty great, but in terms of fragrances I only ever liked the 02 molecule. I believe I did try the fragrance of the product included in the gift, but since I am not 100% certain, I won’t comment on it. Quality wise alright, fragrance wise might not be.

The product I was most excited to see included in the Summer Body Beauty Gift with Purchase from Harvey Nichols though are the body treatments from Dr Dennis Gross. I feel like we haven’t seen these nearly enough and since the facial treatments are pretty great, I have been quite curious to try these ones as well. Have you tried them?

Overall, the gift from Harvey Nichols is not that bad, but I do not find it super exciting either. The fact that it does no longer ship internationally does not help convince me to get it either. I will skip this one.

What do you think of the Summer Body Beauty Gift?

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