LookFantastic July Beauty Box

I rarely speak about LookFantastic or so it feels. I am not the brand’s biggest fan and haven’t been for a while now. However, ever once in a while it does come out with some nice offers worth mentioning. It is even more rare that I speak of one of their monthly boxes, particularly of their usual boxes and not the limited edition ones, well unless I ordered it myself and am reviewing it as I would a beauty product. However, this month’s box is slightly different and I like that so I thought you might as well.

LookFantastic Beauty Box July Contents

  • Elemis Superfood Glow Priming Moisturiser (20ml) – worth £22
  • Revlon Classic Super Lustrous Lipstick (Rose Wine) – worth £7.99
  • Illamasqua Beyond Liquid Mini Highlighter (2ml) – worth £10
  • Starskin 7-Second Luxury All Day Mask – worth £9
  • Grow Gorgeous Defence Anti-Pollution Leave In Spray (60ml) – worth £9.20
  • Minetan Cucumber Hydrating Face & Body Mist (30ml) – worth £9.95

Price and Value

The price for the box depends on the subscription model you choose. You can choose to subscribe for just one month so that you get only this specific box, but you can also choose a longer commitment and get each box starting from £13. The value of the July box as you can see from the values stated above by LookFantastic is of approximately £70.

Grab the beauty box here.


It is honestly quite rare that I am interested in a LF beauty box these days. Sure, they managed to provide great value int he past, but I do feel that since their parent company decided to go public, their service decreased considerably. They focused on all the wrong things IMO. From time to time, they do surprise me and that is one of those times. I was honestly not expected them to release a collection beauty “box” aka as you’ve seen above, the current beauty box is actually a makeup bag. This concept is not new and has been done before, maybe even LF has done it and I missed it, but I do believe the in this way, it can provide more value to the end customer. Personally, I love using makeup bags/vanity bags to organise my stags, particularly small items. Sure, boxes are great as well and I do tend to keep some of them, but makeup bags have the advantage of being travel friendly as well.

What can I say? I really like the fact that this box is actually a makeup bag. It is what caught my attention.

In terms of contents, I haven’t 5 out of the 6 products included so I do not have that many comments. The only product I used is the 7 in 1 All Day Mask from StarSkin. I had really high hopes for it when I used it, but then again, I was more naive then. It promised to be such a great solution for the busy bee that I was at that time. However, I ended up disliking the product. It sounded too good to be true and in the end it was. The full review is availble here.

When I saw that they’ve included a lipstick form Revlon I was like “what?! why?”. I have nothing against the brand per se nor am I annoyed to see a makeup item included in the box, but from all the brands they could have chosen from… I wish they would have gone for something more exciting, you know? It just left me feeling meh.

The other products have potential. I am quite curious about the Elemis Superfood Glow Priming Moisturiser. That sounds like it could be a great product and a useful one at that, but who knows! If you end up getting this box or if you’ve already used the products before, do share your thoughts below. I am certain that I am not the only one curious to give the product a try and learn what it is like.

Overall, the July box has potential. It is not some incredible box, but it is definitely above average.

What do you think of the July LookFantastic Beauty box?

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