Selfridges Sleep Easy & Relax and Unwind Beauty Kits – out now

I am back again with something a bit more exciting. This new beauty offer is coming from Selfridges so I am really hoping it is going to be a good one. I have been sitting on it since this morning, but you know – work. However, I haven’t peeked. I feel like these articles are more organic if I share my first impressions rather than sit on them for hours or even days (I do try to not make it to “days”, but you never know). Anyway, here I go again with the babbling. I shall stop now so we can get to what matters – the two new offers from Selfridges. Oh, yes. There is not one, but TWO new offers to discover.

Selfridges Sleep Easy Beauty Kit

  • Beautybio Cryo Roller
  • Eve Lom Radiance Face Oil 30ml
  • Laneige Time Freeze Sleeping Mask 60ml
  • Alpha H Liquid Gold 100ml
  • OTO CBD Pillow Mist 8ml
  • Nursem Hand Cream 75ml

Price and Value

The Sleep Easy Beauty Kit retails fro £80 and has a value of around £318. You can buy it here.


At first sight, this beauty kit from Selfridges looks amazing. There are great sized and greta value included no doubt. Personally though, not only have I used a couple of the products included and have no need for them right now, but I am not as excited about some of the other either. Let me explain. First we have the products I am familiar with. The Alpha H Liquid Gold was my first ever acid product. This is not a beginner’s product. Since then, there have been many more created that are significantly gentler and much more recommended if you’ve never used any type of acid in your skincare before. Luckily, I had no side effects from the Alpha H Liquid Gold and it even rid me of some fo the acne scarring, however I did use it sparingly. Quality wise, the product is pretty great. However, it takes forever to get through a bottle and there have been so many included in other beauty gifts that the product is no longer exciting to see, well unless you’ve never tried it before.

Then we have Nursem. The hand cream is lovely and effective, however I was more excited about it than I should have been. It is a functional type of product, one you need, one that provides value, but not necessary the one you might pick I guess. Luckily, I got mine in a beauty box. I would have paid for it full price the first time, but now I would not. However, if you like mostly scent less hand creams that leave the skin sort of velvety then you might enjoy it. From this category of products, I would rather pick something from CeraVe, but the product itself is not bad. Okay, I have no idea where I a going with this. It just did not excite me, but it was and is a good product.

This brings us to the second part of this commentary section which is the products I have not used, but I am a bit wary about. I love the fact that Selfridges included the newly UK launched Laneige in this kit. I truly do. Laneige is a brand that many have lusted after since it seems to be such a popular brands and an influencer favourite or at least frequently featured brand. Personally, I bought into that excitement as well and since I started using their products, I am failing to see why I was so excited in the first place. Sure, the Candy Lip Sleeping Mask is nice, but I did not love it as much as I thought I would. I also tried a mist and a face mask and neither truly impressed me. They do fall in the category of “regrets” actually. Getting to try something from the brand, especially something form their “upper” class range is a great opportunity you are given via this kit. So for that reason, I am glad to see the brand included.

Another brand that is good, but am neither excited nor sad to see included is Eve Lom. The brand’s products are mostly good, but that is about it.

However, overall the kit doe look good and if you are interested in the products, then this is a good opportunity. It does seem like the perfect gift set as well. Just throwing it out there.

Selfridges Relax and Unwind Beauty Bundle

  • Christophe Robin Hydrating Melting Mask with Aloe Vera 200ml
  • Indie Lee Purifying Face Wash 125ml
  • Susanne Kaufmann Oil Bath For The Senses 100ml
  • Dermalogica Conditioning Body Wash 295ml
  • Augustinus Bader Lip Balm 4g
  • Hayo’u Beauty Restorer Comb jade head massage tool
  • French Girl Lumière Moonlight Shimmer Oil 60ml

Price and Value

The Relax and Unwind Beauty Bundle retails for £80 as well as has a value of £225. The bundle is availble for purchase here.


Strangely enough, this Relax and Unwind bundle is more my speed. I know that the value if lower when compared to the previous kit and the price is the same, but the contents in this one are more appealing to me. They do provide everything you need so that you can enjoy a relaxing evening (or morning, or any time of the day you want it to be – there are no rules). The Susanne Kaufmann Bath Oil is luxurious, it is relaxing and truly a joy to use while taking a relaxing bath.

The India Lee Face Wash is also an incredible product. It has a weird texture, or some of you might think so, but the wash is effective and leaves the skin clean without making too much foam. It can leave the skin feeling a tiny bit dry at times from experience, but not always. While I will probably not repurchase (when do I?), I did enjoy using this face wash .

I never used this specific tool from Hayo’u, but their tools are high quality and kinda great actually. They feel luxurious to the touch, they come nicely packaged and provide an entire experience. I love both my facial jade Gua She and my body one. They are great at reliving tension. Since I started using the facial one, my facial muscles are less tense, my jaw does not clench as much which to me is simply amazing. I started developing a weird clenching habit (can I call it habit since I am pretty certain that it is involuntary) I had been looking for a solution and it came from the most unexpected of places. I have no expectations that the tool will ever help me contour my face or whatever, but what it does is just short of miraculous. I am quite excited to see what this one included in the Relax & Unwind bundle can do.

Dermalogica is one of my favourite brands so ever since they’ve come out with a body care range, I have been looking forward to trying it out. I was quite disappointed that none of the offers (as far as I can recall) ever include anything from the range before, but there is always a first for everything. While I do love my fragrance body washes/gels as the scent has a deep impact on my mood, I have been curious to try a more skincare orientated such product for a while. I want to see what such products can do differently and better for the body.

I won’t comment on the Christophe Robin hair mask even though I do have it and attempted to use it. I got the mask last year in a limited edition beauty box and I was super excited as I love the brand, however my mask smelt off so I have have been staying away from it. The only reason why I have not thrown it out yet is because I wanted to compare it with a tube I purchased myself to see whether they all smell the same or not. It never happened… However, the brand itself is pretty amazing when it comes to haircare.

French Girl is such an intriguing brand and I have been attracted to it since I first saw it in Liberty some years back. I only ever purchased one of their products which I am still on the fence about so no comments on this occasion. I am curious to try more, epseuylaly if I would not have to pay full price, but my expectations are significantly lower than they used to be before giving one of their products a go.

This leaves the Augustinus Bader Lip Balm on which I truly have no thoughts whatsoever.

Overall, this kit might be worth less than the previous one, but I do believe it hits the mark. It is perfect for unwinding. The hair mask is a weird addition here, okay maybe just a tiny bit odd, but others might find hair mask applications relaxing.

From what I have shared above, I am assuming you already know which kit I would pick and you oddly be right. I would definitely go with the second option – the Relax and Unwind beauty bundle. The price/value ratio is not everything. You also need to consider which products YOU personally would get more value from. Which of these products you actually need and which have a place in your stash.

Also, if you plan on ordering from Selfridges, you might want to learn more about their Selfridges + service. This service is amazing and provides so many benefits. No, this article is not sponsored and no one made me say the previous statements. I wouldn’t anyway and you know it. I used their service particularly for EU deliveries and it saved me so much money and time. I am quite impatient when it comes to parcel deliveries as I enjoy opening boxes more than even cats love boxes. I am weird like that, but I am sure you already knew. You can read more about how the service works here.

Overall, I like these two new offers and I am definitely tempted to get at least one. How about you?

What do you think of the new beauty bundles from Selfridges?

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8 thoughts on “Selfridges Sleep Easy & Relax and Unwind Beauty Kits – out now

  1. I like the relax bundle better too and I’m super tempted to buy it despite my no buy. All the products are easy for me to use up so they wouldn’t sit in the stash long and I don’t have a head massager like that. Only recently I’ve developed an interest in beauty tools and accessories although I don’t diligently use the ones I have ^^;;;

    1. I don’t use mine as often as I should either. However, slowly I started using them more. I don’t have that many though. The only one I invested in is the Dermapore, all the rest were in gifts. I am open to trying more as some are actually interesting to add to the routine. But the Relax bundle is so tempting. I also tried to hold back even more with my shopping as the advent calendars will be released in a few weeks 😱

      1. I find it quite funny that in the middle of summer I’m thinking already about Christmas purchases xD
        I slept on it and now I’m leaning more towards not spending money. Also it’s so hot here that I use way less products so the stash doesn’t budge and it’s an efficient demotivator for me when it comes to buying beauty.

      2. I guess once there are no more major holidays or events before Christmas that our thoughts do tend to focus in that direction. Also hallmark does a Christmas in July event (Christmas movies) and other have started copying it.

        It is super hot here as well 🥵 so yeah, I guess I can say the same when it comes to using up beauty products.

        There will always be other offers so… 🙂 I am sure you are not missing out.

  2. Christmas is my favourite time of the year, I sort of celebrate it for 3 months (Nov-Jan) xD
    But I find it hard to think about it when it’s over 30 degrees outside.
    This year I want to treat my husband and I to the Fortnum’s gourmet calendar. Probably will still get the beauty calendar too, they tend to be among my favourites. I just hope that this year they will be released together because the shipping costs are steep and I’d rather pay once than twice.

    As for missing out on offers last year and this year helped me with that. One thing is that I bought a lot in 2019 and early 2020, like way too much stuff. Some of this stuff I simply gave away and I felt disappointed that I spent so much money on it but in order for it to be used by someone I gave it away. Not even as birthday gifts or anything but just like that. The second thing is that the second part of last year required me to really watch my expenditures so I couldn’t but everything I wanted and some stuff I wanted a lot, so it was a good excercise. And then I did splurge on Harvey Nichols GWP for autumn. And now the bag is still largely intact, I don’t remember what’s in there, I don’t care that much about those products (even the Valmont set I was so looking forward to) and reflecting upon it I once again realized, but I think this time it will sink in, that the stuff I want to buy so much later doesn’t really bring me that much joy. And yeah, of course around the corner there are two other new great offers.

    So now first of all I’m keeping a registry of the products I have to understand how much I have, how much I actually need, and do I want to stash products for another year, and I’m becoming really picky about the stuff I buy. I’d rather have less but of the things I really enjoy using or really work for me.

    I had this phase for 2-3 years of buying a lot, but I think it’s fading. Also an especially uncomfortable lesson was when I couldn’t afford some things last year but gave away the expensive stuff I had bought earlier because I wasn’t using it and had no physical means of emptying all of it.

    1. First of all, you aren’t missing all that much with advent calendars. Being picky is more than alright. I love the calendars and talking about them, I love opening them but the truth is that you get more value from the gifts with purchase or even some limited edition beauty bundles. But mostly gwp. I spoke once about this topic somewhere on here and I still continue to believe that. However there is something a bit magical about advent calendars that creates that Christmas atmosphere and brings excitement. Value wise not the best deal though.

      Also, I think it is amazing to focus on the things you love rather than spend money on stuff you do not need.

      1. I remember that post and I agree with you about both the value and the magic of a calendar. Although I know exactly what’s in the calendar because it’s an informed decision when making a 200 GBP purchase, but those boxes with drawers do have their charm. I sometimes pick items one by one from a GWP bag (because I usually forget what’s there xD) to emulate the advent calendar feeling 😉
        I sort of can’t wait until my stash is so small that a GWP or a special box offer will be a very welcome addition

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