Decree SOS Revitalising Sheet Mask Review

Decree SOS Revitalising Sheet Mask Review

Today I wanted to tell you a few things about a sheet mask that I tried the other day. The sheet mask in question is the SOS Revitalising Sheet Mask from Decree. 

As far as the brand goes, there is honestly not much that I can tell you. When the brand first started making the rounds, I saw some major influencers raving about the products, but they were all pretty much people who had frequent collaborations over the years with the retailers that started carrying the brand, so I did not give the brand all that much thought. I was slightly intrigued, I give you that, but not enough to go and grab some of the products for myself. 

However, I ended up receiving one of the sheet masks by Decree through a gift with purchase so I finally gave it a shot. Below you can find my thoughts on this product. 

Decree SOS Revitalising Sheet Mask 

There is not really all that much I can tell you about the product itself. The mask is a sheet mask as already mentioned. The sheet mask is surprisingly easy to remove from the pouch and open up. Unlike other such products, the slides of the mask do not stick together and thus making it difficult to open it without breaking it or tearing it a bit. I actually enjoyed that for a change. 

The sheet mask is not a paper mask, but rather a gel mask which is also something that I really enjoyed. The gel has a slightly different consistency than the products I used before, but I did like it as it felt comfortable on the skin and it made the mask application easy as well. In short, the gel was less fragile and less sticky compared to that used in other sheet masks. The gel-like fabric is actually a type of bio-cellulose which makes this sheet mask planet-friendly. 

As for the efficiency of the mask, well here is where the problem lies. 

The Decree SOS Revitalising Sheet Mask is a hydrating sheet mask and the effects were visible, but not visible enough for a hydrating mask that is. Every sheet mask, from my experience, helps a bit with hydration and makes the skin look more healthy and less dull, but I honestly expected more from this particular mask. In my humble opinion, the Decree SOS Revitalising Sheet Mask Review did not live up to its potential and marketing for that matter. 

In addition to the hydrating compontent, the mask from Decree is also supposed to help soothe and calm the skin. Okay, I have to give the mask some credit on this account. The skin did indeed feel more soothed after use. It is just that the effects of the mask overall were nothing special and definitely nothing to rave about. 

At a price tag of around Β£20 per individual mask, the Decree SOS Revitalising Sheet Mask has to be the most disappointing sheet mask I ever tried in its price range. 

If you are looking for a great and luxurious product, then perhaps this is not it. I would like to add that though I did not enjoy this product, I am curious to try more from the brand. I want to experience some of the reasons why certain people in the industry raved about this brand…

Overall, and it goes without saying I guess, but I will be saying it anything, the Decree SOS Revitalising Sheet Mask is a NO for me. 

Where can you purchase the Decree SOS Revitalising Sheet Mask from?

I thought about whether to leave you any links, but just in case you want to give the mask a try and prove me wrong, here is where you can find the sheet mask:

Have you tried anything from Decree before? What did you think? 

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