Olaplex No 3 – Honest Review

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Does your hair feel like it needs an upgrade? 

Olaplex’s No 3 Hair Perfector is an at-home treatment that promises to strengthen and repair your strands. The product has garnered a cult following among beauty junkies and professionals alike, but does it really live up to the hype?

I have put Olaplex’s No 3 Hair Perfector to the test to see if it can revive my damaged hair. Here is my honest review of the product.

What is Olaplex No 3 Hair Perfector?

Olaplex’s No 3 Hair Perfector is a concentrated treatment that you can use at home to repair and strengthen your strands. The treatment is formulated using Olaplex’s patented active ingredient, bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate, which promises to repair broken hair bonds.

Olaplex’s No 3 Hair Perfector is a non-toxic product free of silicones, sulfates, phthalates, parabens, and more ingredients whose names are hard to pronounce. 

How to use Olaplex No 3 Hair Perfector

Olaplex’s No 3 Hair Perfector is simple to use. 

First, wet your hair and towel dry it until it is only slightly damp. Then, apply a generous amount of the treatment to your strands, making sure to coat each strand evenly.

After you have applied the treatment, put your hair up in a shower cap and leave it on for a minimum of 10 minutes. Olaplex’s No 3 Hair Perfector can be left on for longer if you have the time, but 10 minutes is the minimum amount of time needed for the treatment to work its magic.

After the treatment has had time to work, rinse it out with warm water and shampoo, and condition your hair as usual.

You can use Olaplex’s No 3 Hair Perfector once a week or as often as you feel like your hair needs it.

My experience with Olaplex’s No 3 Hair Perfector

I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about Olaplex’s No 3 Hair Perfector at first. I have tried a lot of hair treatments in the past that have promised to revive my damaged strands, but most of them have fallen short. Seeing this product plastered on every feed, make me slightly more skeptical. We all know how overhyped products can turn out to be. However, I decided to give it a shot anyway so that I can report to you whether this product actually works. 

I was pleasantly surprised by Olaplex’s No 3 Hair Perfector. After just one use, I could feel my hair was softer and smoother. And after a few weeks of using the treatment, my hair looked and felt healthier overall. The biggest change and a noticeable one at that was the state of my hair splits. While not all hair splits vanished, most did. 

This has never happened with any of the haircare products I tried to this date. I was starting to believe that indeed this is something that cannot be fixed with hair care products, particularly with ones you can use at home. 

The only solution to this eternal problem is scissors, or so I thought. I am glad that that is no longer the case and that Olapex No 3 can indeed help with something most of us deal with or have dealt with at some point. 

I also noticed that Olaplex’s No 3 Hair Perfector helped to reduce frizz and made my hair easier to style. And yet, the product did not make my hair even flatter than it already is. That is a bonus I did not even need by this point. 

Overall, I was impressed with Olaplex ’s No 3 Hair Perfector and would recommend it to anyone looking for a hair treatment that actually works. 

Where can you purchase the Olaplex No 3 from?

Frequently asked questions about Olaplex No 3

For those who are looking for a quick answer, I also decided to include this short section of frequently asked questions that might help you make a decision as to whether to add this product to your bathroom shelf or not. 

Can you leave Olaplex No. 3 on overnight?

You theoretically could do this, but you should not leave Olaplex’s No. 3 on your hair overnight. I would not recommend doing so as this is not deep conditioning nor a leave-in type of treatment. 

Will Olaplex No. 3 work on bleached hair?

Yes, Olaplex’s No. 3 will work on bleached hair. This treatment is designed to work on all types of hair, including bleached and colored hair. 

Do I need to use all Olaplex products?

No, you do not need to use all Olaplex products. Olaplex’s No 3 works perfectly fine without the use of any other Olaplex products. 

Does Olaplex repair split ends?

Yes, Olaplex will help to repair split ends. 

Is Olaplex No 3 a conditioner?

No, Olaplex’s No 3 is not a conditioner. It is a hair treatment. 

How long does a bottle of Olaplex last?

Okay, this really depends on the bottle size, but the one you can normally find in stores last for about 7-10 applications on mid-length hair. 

Can you use Olaplex No.3 to stop hair loss? 

There is no scientific evidence to support this claim, but some Olaplex users have said that the product helped with hair loss. The product can definitely help strengthen hair so some might experience less hair loss, but hair loss is a much more complex topic and it comes down to the reasons why the process occurs in the first place. So the answer is maybe, but it depends on the cause. You should not expect the product to do so or you will be disappointed. 

Is Olaplex No 3 safe?

Yes. Despite the drama and panic inducing articles, Olaplex is indeed safe to use. The product used to contain an ingredient that the EU does no longer deem as safe to use, however the concentration was way below dangerous levels. In any case, the product has been reformulated and the ingredient has been removed – your can read ore about this topic here.

Overall, Olaplex’s No 3 is a great hair treatment that can help with split ends, frizz, and general hair health. It is easy to use and does not require the use of any other Olaplex products. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a hair treatment that actually works. 

Have you tried the Olaplex No3?

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