Welcome back Sephora

You’ve probably all heard the news. LVMH, the luxury retailer group that holds some of the most recognizable brands in the words, including the famous beauty retailer Sephora purchased FeelUnique back in winter. This is most likely not news for any of you reading this very short article. 

Things have been quiet for a while there so people were wondering what is going on. Once the Hut Group acquired Cult Beauty, things moved pretty fast with the Cult Beauty changing its design to resemble that of the other brands in the Hut Group portfolio as well as changing its way of working in little and yet obvious ways. 

Well, the wait is nearly over. There is no longer a need to wonder anymore. About Sephora UK that is. Is it finally happening? Is Sephora entering the UK with physical stores or bringing its products back to the UK?

The short answer is yes. 

According to WWD and other news outlets, the beauty retailer is indeed planning a return to the UK market. The long-awaited comeback will happen sooner rather than later. 

It is not yet clear where the store will be located but it is rumored to be somewhere in White City’s Westfield in London. This would make sense given that LVMH already has a number of stores in Westfield. Further rumors claim that the new store will be located somewhere near John Lewis. 

Wherever it may be, this is great news. Scratch that. This is amazing news for beauty lovers in the UK who have been waiting for Sephora to make its comeback. I can only imagine how excited you must be feeling right now. 

As for an online store, well the presumption is that there will be one as well. All I know for now is that the sephora.co.uk website redirects to Feel Unique site for the time being. 

Personally, I am also excited about this piece of news. I truly think it is great as beauty lovers in the UK had to rely on the US and then just on France to get their dose of Sephora goodies, however, that also became more difficult to do since Brexit. 

Now remains to be seen what kind of Sephora the UK will be getting, if an American Sephora or a European one. 

I vote (as in hope) for an American one, not only because I truly wish to see many of the brands that the American Sephora carries and that are not otherwise available in Europe, but also due to the fact that otherwise, it will be incredibly difficult for Sephora UK to capture and retain market share once the enthusiasm and novelty die down. 

Sephora Europe does not have all that many offers going on with the occasional mini gift with purchase and the same lackluster sales. The only reasons why I personally shop at Sephora are the Sephora branded products and the Sephora Favourites gift sets. Oh, and Truly Beauty which I cannot get from any other retailer. The rest of the products is easily available at Boots, SpaceNK, or Cult Beauty and it would be hard to fight off the competition, more so than it was nearly two decades ago.

We shall see what the future holds. I am keeping my fingers crossed for an American Sephora with all of the bells and whistles. 

What do you think? Are you excited about Sephora’s return? Let me know in the comments below!

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