Miin Cosmetics Korean Beauty Advent Calendar 2022- out now

If you’re a beauty lover, then you know that the holiday season is the perfect time to stock up on all of your favorite products. And what better way to do that than with a beauty advent calendar? This year, Miin Cosmetics is excited to offer their Korean Beauty Advent Calendar for all of your beauty needs. Here’s what you can expect from this year’s calendar:

Miin Cosmetics Korean Beauty Advent Calendar Contents

• Puri-tea Salicylic Acid Cleansing Gel – Meisani, 150 ml

• Routine Headband – MiiN Cosmetics (new design, exclusive), 1 unidad

• Cotton Pad – MiiN Cosmetics (exclusive)

• I’m Vegan Sun Serum (SPF50+ PA++++) – Suntique, 12 ml

• Snail Repairing Foam Cleanser – Mizon, 60 ml

• Biome Ac Foam Cleanser – Juice To Cleanse, 150 gr

• Adenosine & zhi mu lifting mask – Ondo Beauty 36.5, 30 ml

• Ceramide Cream 10.000ppm – Benton (new launch), 80 ml 

• Charcoal & Willow Purifying Cleansing Bar – Ondo Beauty, 70 gr

• Velvet Lipstick – T4 Ready to die – Moart, 33 gr

• Grain Water Cleansing Oil – Juice To Cleanse, 30 ml

• Master Patch Original Fit – COSRX, 24 pieces

• Falling into the rose mist – Sioris, 100 ml

• Celebrity Perfumed Hair & Body Mist – Skybottle (exclusive)

• Deep Green Tea Serum – Benton, 30 ml

• Velvet Lipstick – R1 Sand Rose – Moart, 33 gr

• Super Green Deep Energy Cream – Barr, 15 ml

• Pha Peeling Gel – Benton, 70 ml

• Probiotics & cica water soothing mask – Ondo Beauty 36.5, 25 ml

• Cold Brew Rosemary Balancing Scalp – Rated Green, 50 ml

• Camo cleansing pad – cabbage & moringa – Keenoniks, 10 ml

• Dr. Althea Water Glow Aqua Ampoule Mask – Dr. Althea, 27 gr

• All in one snail repair cream – Mizon, 35 ml

• Collagen Power Lifting Cream – Mizon, 35 ml

Miin Cosmetics Korean Beauty Advent Calendar Price

The Miin Cosmetics Korean Beauty Advent Calendar is priced at €129.95. The calendar is out now and it is available as long as stock lasts. The calendar will ship starting 12th of September.

The Miin Cosmetics Korean Beauty Advent Calendar ships internationally via DHL.

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Miin Cosmetics Korean Beauty Advent Calendar Comments

The holidays can get expensive really fast, but luckily this new advent calendar while a bit of a splurge, is still rather affordable (for a gift I mean). The Miin Cosmetics Beauty Advent Calendar is the perfect way to try out new products without breaking the bank. And with free shipping, it’s easy to get your calendar delivered right to your door!

Okay, you might be wondering why this calendar and who is Miin exactly. To answer your question Miin is a Spanish Korean beauty retailer that deals with lesser-known (outside Korea that is) beauty brands. They carry more niche and yet super effective brands and products that are not available at each and every retailer that sells k-beauty.

You might have noticed the same brands popping up at most retailers that sell Korean beauty products. Well, Miin is not one of them. Sure, they do carry some super well-known brands, even in the western world, but most brands are not those you will find everywhere which is why I am so fond of the brand.

When it comes to Miin Cosmetics exclusive products such as this advent calendar or their limited edition pouches, I do not hesitate. I always jump without second-guessing myself.

It might sound stupid so why do I do it? Because otherwise, I would end up missing out on some amazing products.

If I were to spend too much time trying to make a decision, I probably would hesitate and then regret it. As I said, many of the brands carried by Miin are not the “famous” ones we have gotten accustomed to. It is risky to purchase from brands you do not know or have never heard of.

True and I am in the same boat most of the time and yet…

Ever since purchasing the previous edition of this advent calendar, I have been placing orders at Miin every couple of months or so. The reason for that being is that the retailer has always managed to impress me starting with all those unknown products from their previous advent calendar which, to be honest, I probably would have not purchased otherwise.

Sure, not every product you find at Miin will blow your mind, but many of them will, and while it may seem risky to spend over 100 euros on an advent calendar you might not know much about, you won’t regret it in the end.

Personally, I already purchased this advent calendar. This is going to be one o the few advent calendars I will buy this year. Yes, long gone are the years when I used to purchase 14+ calendars, but seriously now, not many calendars caught my attention this year. This is one of those few exceptions.

In terms of actual products, I admit that I am a bit unsure about the inclusion of Mizxon which doe snot seem to be working for me all that well, but they are products I have not tried before so I am willing to take a chance at them. Also, I could have done without Miin Cosmetics’ own brand products as I am sure I have absolutely no need for them. Then again. I can always marry them off. Other than that, I am beyond excited to try all of these goodies included in the calendar and hope you will be as well.

What do you think of this new Miin Cosmetics beauty advent calendar?

As always, do stay tuned as I will update this post once more information is available. for More information on advent calendars, check out this page.

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