PACKage Melt Me Softly Nose Strip Review

PACKage Melt Me Softly Nose Strip

I have always struggled with enlarged pores and blackheads, no matter what kind of skincare products I use. So, when I saw that PACKage’s Melt Me Softly Nose Strip was included in my second latest Miin Cosmetics shipment, I was intrigued.

This single-use pore strip claims to “effectively remove blackheads and control sebum secretion” with a “weak acid formula.” Here’s my review of the product after using it once.

PACKage Melt Me Softly Nose Strip  

I followed the package directions and applied the nose strip to a clean, dry nose. I left it on for 10-15 minutes until it felt dry and hard, then slowly peeled it off.

The results?

I was impressed! The nose strip removed a decent amount of gunk from my pores, and my nose felt significantly less oily afterward but also the skin felt way softer as if the cells that no longer belonged there melted off. I thought that this PACKage Melt Me Softly Nose Strip is a quick and easy way to detox your pores and remove some of the stuff that is not needed anymore – I will definitely be using these strips on a regular basis! 

It is that easy.

With the risk of repeating myself, I was really impressed with how well the PACKage Melt Me Softly Nose Strip worked! I have pretty large pores on my nose, and this nose strip did an excellent job of removing all the dirt and oil that had built up in them. After using the strip, my pores looked noticeably smaller and my skin felt much smoother. I even feel like this product keeps on working even after removing it. My pores looked better for 2-3 days after use weirdly enough, but I am not complaining!

However, do not get the wrong idea. This nose strip is not like the ones we have grown up used to. This product is made with a weak acid formula that aids in sebum secretion control as well as removing blackheads rather than one of those old-fashioned patches that stick to your nose and pull the gunk out when removed. The PACKage Melt Me Softly Nose Strip is like a tiny, tiny sheet mask but just for your nose.

It is not a magical product, but this tiny liquid filed pouch is one I can see myself purchasing again and again. I realize that I am writing this review after only using the product once which is something I rarely do, but I thought it was something actually worth sharing.


If you’re looking for an easy way to detox your pores and remove blackheads, PACKage’s Melt Me Softly Nose Strip is definitely worth trying. This single-use pore strip is gentle enough for weekly use and really gets the job done.

Where can you purchase the PACKage Melt Me Softly Nose Strip from?

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2 thoughts on “PACKage Melt Me Softly Nose Strip Review

  1. Wow, what a surprise! I remember nose pore strips to be ineffective and painful, removing a whole layer of skin, so I’ve stayed away, but this one I’ll definitely try and check out the brand

    1. I was also expecting one of those but here the name is slightly misleading as it is not a strip as I’m stripping but rather just a tiny bit of paper that is infused with the liquid that performs the job. Highly recommend giving it a go. There are sold in individual packs and they are ok priced even when compared to traditional nose strips

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