Beauty Pie Advent Calendar – out now

A huge and completely unexpected beauty advent calendar launch comes from Beauty Pie.

The membership retailer just launched their first ever beauty advent calendar also known as the Latest & Greatest kit.

Curious to find out more? Keep on reading.

Beauty Pie Latest & Greatest Kit Contents

Super Healthy Hair™M Seven Oil Hair Elixir 50ml

New Shades! Velvet Matte Lip Crayon Duo In Damzel & Rouge La La

New & Exclusive To This Kit! 6 Luxury Mulberry Silk 100% Silk Hair Scrunchies (Light Pink)

Japanfusion™ Bio-Ceramide Moisture Mask 75ml

New! La Poésie Des Chiffres Eau De Parfum 5ml

Super Healthy Skin™ Lemon Butter & Hemp Hand Wash 500ml

New & Exclusive To This Kit! The Eyelash Curler

New & Exclusive To This Kit! Wondercolour™M Nail Care Trio

Japanfusion™ Pure Transforming Cleanser 100ml

Double Sided Organic Cleansing & Exfoliating Cleansing Cloths (3-Pack)

Super Healthy Hair™M Detox Wash Shampoo 160ml

Red Currant & Fig Luxury Scented Candle

New & Exclusive To This Kit! Beauty Pie Tote Bag

New & Exclusive To This Kit! Dark Green Velvet Vanity Case

Exclusive Surprise Inside For Friends And Family

Greatest and Latest Kit Price and Value

The first ever beauty advent calendar from Beauty Pie is priced at £175 for members and £450 for non-members.


14 full size items in 12 packages + 1 deluxe size EDP + 1 signature tote bag + 1 surprise. (All inside a dark green vanity case.)

Quite impressive, no? This is definitely a beauty advent calendar that Beauty Pie fans will love, the rest, maybe not as much, but still it is a good opportunity to give the brand a go if you have not tried already.

There is nothing particularly bad about this beauty advent calendar, not as far as I can tell. However, my issue with the kit and this is coming from someone who has been a long time fan, is the fact that there are not enough skincare products included and that is where Beauty Pie actually excels at.

In addition, the price is a bit steep even for members. Yes, I know that the price of the products have gone up considerably over the past few months due to inflation as well as higher handling and shipping costs, but advent calendars in my opinion should offer more value than usual and that value should not come from exclusive products but rather from an actual savings deal.

I love the look of the kit personally, but this is a skip for me no matter how gorgeous the green velvet makeup case is. Other than the incredible presentation, I fail to see anything special at this beauty kit even though it is clear that the team behind it tried to make it more appealing. I will continue to shop at Beauty Pie but will stick to the products I love and enjoy.

What do you think of this Beauty Pie launch?

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  1. o

    Doesn’t make me want to sign up and go through the hassle and extra costs of import. I also like the vanity case the best and have similar thoughts about the products selection.

  2. o

    No, I never have. I think initially it was a subscription and I didn’t want to pay regularly for parcel forwarding and then I couldn’t bothered

    1. Nana

      Got it. Yeah, the whole subscription was annoying. They still do that but now they have at times a full year subscription with a two months trial. I got into the trip this summer to grab some new launches from them… sneaky, I know. I had plans to stay on but yes, paying around 35 pounds for forwarding and taxes was not appealing.

      1. Nana

        It was misspelled as 4(0 but fixed it now. Thank you for pointing this out. Sadly it happens since I am posting from my phone nowadays. The actual price is 450. Thank you for bringing it up 😊

  3. o

    I’ve also got the impression that it used to be significantly cheaper and now it’s like a regular brand, not so cheap anymore and not that appealing as I think I can get good formulas from other places and at better prices

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