Cult Beauty Recovery Edit Review

Cult Beauty Recovery Edit Review

Today I am back with a quick review of the latest beauty edit or beauty box from Cult Beauty. Today, I am going to be talking about the Recovery Edit which was released by Cult Beauty a couple of weeks ago.

The Recovery Edit is a beauty box that features some of the best brands and products to help your skin recover and get back in shape. The contents of this edit include an array of products including masks, moisturizers, haircare items and wellness items. As always, this new edit is a value-saving kit or rather money saving kit I guess.

Before going into the comments or review, let’s see what the Recovery Edit contains.

Cult Beauty Recovery Edit Review

Cult Beauty Recovery Edit Contents

  • ESPA Travel Size Modern Alchemy Grounding Crystals 55g
  • Briogeo Travel Size Superfood Avocado + Kiwi Mega Moisture 3-in-1 Leave-In Spray 51ml
  • Patchology Full Size MoodPatch Chill Mode Eye Gels – Single
  • SUMMER FRIDAYS Full Size Overtime Mask 64g
  • PSA Full Size SILVER LINING Dioic & Willowherb Clarifying Cream (EXCLUSIVE) 50ml
  • Spacemasks Spacemask Single Mask
  • The Nue Co Full Size Sleep Drops 30ml
  • Pacifica Full Size Lavendar Moon Body & Pillow Mist 118ml
Cult Beauty Recovery Edit Review

Cult Beauty Recovery Edit Price and Value

The new Recovery Edit from Cult Beauty is priced at £39 and has a reported value of around £140. Not that bad!

Cult Beauty Recovery Edit Review

I am not going to lie. I knew right from the start that this kit contained a few items I was not planning to keep as I have no use for them. However, since the kit was released before the holidays and was supposed to be delivered before the whole gift-giving process took place, I thought I would be able to part with some of the items and include them in a gift for someone who I know would have loved them but most of all benefited from them at this time. It was not meant to be… No biggie though as I might just keep them for myself now and who knows, they might even surprise me the longer I use them.

First, we have the ESPA Travel Size Modern Alchemy Grounding Crystals. This is one of those products that I wanted to part ways with. I do not understand the inclusion of bath-specific products as not everyone has a bath in their homes. I know that not all of the boxes can be perfectly inclusive at all times and one is allowed to pick which boxes to get and which ones to skip, but replacing this item would have been incredibly easy. This is not the first time I wanted to say something about this. Yes, personally I do have a bathtub as well, but I just do not use it for various reasons.

Anyways, aside from the fact that this is a product not everyone can enjoy, the product smells incredible and a bit different than all the relaxing salts and such that I came across before. The smell of this one is reminiscent of nature and herbs, but also flowers which are not necessarily lavender. the ESPA Modern Alchemy Grounding Crystals do seem like a great product for anyone who can make use of it and the scent is indeed relaxing even for those such as myself who do not know what relaxing means and generally dislikes the interpretation of herbal scents in beauty products.

Cult Beauty Recovery Edit Review

Patchology MoodPatch Chill Mode Eye Gel I am willing to give it another shot. I have not used Patchology products in years now as I never really got along with them, but everyone’s tastes do change with time as well as their skin needs. Plus, even products can improve so I will revert back to you with a full review once I got the pleasure to try the product on.

Cult Beauty Recovery Edit Review

The Summer Fridays Overtime Mask is a great product actually, like most of the products from the brand. It is sort of gentle, yet effective and it can be used on semi-sensitive skin too but do patch test it beforehand. It reminds me of the Exfolikate Treatment from Kate Somerville, but this is much more gentle than that one. I do not know why I always keep the KS product when I use this mask, but that is where my mind goes to. All in all, this is a great mask with a lovely texture and for once, I am happy to see it included in a beauty box as it has been a while since we’ve last seen it.

Before I forget, let me say a few words about the Spacemask single mask that comes in this box. This is really a great product for anyone who suffers from eye strain or eye fatigue. As someone who wears glasses and spends a lot of time in front of screens, this mask has been really helpful to me. The heating effect is calming, the scent is pleasant and the mask does not leave any residue on your skin so you can use it at any time and anywhere really. Highly recommended for anyone who needs a bit of help with eye fatigue. I tried many eye drops and such over the years and nothing worked quite as well as this mask to help me deal with eye strain, well other than a good night of sleep that is.

Cult Beauty Recovery Edit Review

The item that pushed me to get the box though is the PSA Silver Lining Dioic & Willowherb Clarifying Cream. Not only did I mean to try this brand for a long while now, but this cream seems like the most interesting product the brand has released to date. I have yet to try it, but this one made the box worth it for me. Plus, the product retails for £36 at the time of writing which is pretty much the same as this entire box, but without the benefits of getting more products and more value.

Cult Beauty Recovery Edit Review

As for Pacifica, well I have been meaning to get quite a few products from them to try and I am a bit disappointed that the first item for them is a body and pillow mist. I do not like pillow mists and as a body mist, this one does not smell all that incredible. Hopefully, this one will not put me off from purchasing more Pacifica products as I am really curious about their skincare line. Have you tried anything from them before? Is it worth trying?

Overall, this is an okay edit from Cult Beauty. It contains a nice variety of products both from the skincare category as well as wellness. This is a great gift for this odd period in between Christians and the New Year’s but also one to get you back to “normal” once the holidays pass and we are stuck dealing with what is probably the least interesting months of the year. Apologies to everyone here that is born in January.

What do you think of the Recovery edit?

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  1. sarapaisley

    I ordered the box because I really like the sleep drops. The PSA cream seems to be very effective, so I’ve just ordered a second box 😀

    1. Nana

      Haha, so guess it does make sense as you get the product you want to have a spare for and then get more products and value on top. Thank you for sharing! Looking forward to trying out the PSA cream even more now

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