My Little Box December 2022 Review

my little box December 2022

And now for the last My Little Box of the year. Yes, I am back with a new and quick review od the December edition of My Little Box, a box that I have the feeling that is going to be the last for a while, but not for the reason you might be thinking about. Keep on reading to discover the cute December box as well as my thoughts on this new edition.

My Little Box December 2022 Contents


Pixi by Petra Clarity Toner – mini

My Little Beauty Blush

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Envy Matte Lipstick

Le Rouge Francais Eyebrow/Eyelash Serum???


Pair of earnings

Jewellery case

my little box December 2022
my little box December 2022


The December edition of My Little Box is the smallest box I got from them in terms of size and I am not referring just to the last few months but in general. However, I do not mind. From all the boxes I received, I believe this latest one is not only one of the cutest but also one of the most useful ones.

The box the products were housed in is the jewellery box mentioned above. That was an odd choice, but on one hand, I like it as there is not that much extra packaging and on the other, I hope that everyone’s box arrived in one piece and without any scratches. The jewellery box was available in three different shades and we got to pick the shade we wanted beforehand. The case is covered with a velvety material and it feels nice to the touch and looks rather well-made and luxurious. The velvet could have been of higher quality, but it does look really good as it is. It is pretty great for storing small pieces of jewellery but it is not compartimalised in any way. I took to storing some of my meds and supplements that I need or might need more often but then again I do not wear much jewellery.

Okay, now that we tackled the biggest item let’s talk a bit about the contents.

Content-wise, I am a bit conflicted. The Pixi Toner is great and I haven’t had it in my stash in quite some time so that is welcome. I picked the version together with the case though so if I am not mistaken, the choice of toner was influenced by my interest in case colour. Still a good product that I am looking forward to using again though.

my little box December 2022

Next, there is the Estee Lauder Lipstick which I love, however the shade of this particular lipstick I am not convinced by. The shade colour is brick red which I am pretty sure does not suit me at all so that is a shame. I have yet to try it on the lips though. Still debating what to do about it.

Then we have a My Little Beauty (My Little Box’s beauty brand) blush. The blush is very pretty and I might give it a go even though I never use blush in my makeup routine. I am tempted to give it a go as My Little Beauty used to release such beautiful products in the past and I have yet to try any of their makeup since they’ve rebranded.

my little box December 2022

And the last beauty item is one from Le Rouge Francais. The issue with this product is that it comes without a box or any instructions. The bottle only has the brand name on it and nothing else which is very but very weird. From my internet digging, I believe the product is the eyebrow and eyelash growth and strengthening serum but I need to explore this issue further before even attempting to use the product. However, I am still stuck on just how weird this whole thing is. Why would someone include beauty products with no instructions in a box that gets sent out to thousands of people??

As for the lifestyle items, well I already spoke about the case and that leaves the earnings. The earnings are unlike any other pair I own, however, I have been eyeing similar pairs for a while now so I am going to keep them for myself and who knows? maybe I will end up wearing them from time to time. They look super cute and could be an interesting addition to my accessories.

my little box December 2022

Overall, I am not disappointed by this latest edition of My Little Box but I am not that excited about the contents either. There is nothing in this box that I am really curious to try and two of the products I am already super familiar with. I do not regret my purchase by any means and I am happy to have received the jewellery case.

As mentioned in the intro, this is going to be my last My Little Box for a while though. I enjoyed getting to explore these cute little boxes after so long, but it is time to take a break. I never actually stayed subscribed for this long before either. Without this recurring payment, I can at least try to have zero spending month as I haven’t had one in a while… I will be back. to the box for sure, but let’s wait a few more months. I am sort of regretting not getting the January box now, but this is what happens when one does not think things through.

What do you think of this latest edition of My Little Box? Would you subscribe to the service?

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3 thoughts on “My Little Box December 2022 Review

  1. On the MLB website it’s called a treatment for eyebrows and eyelashes. It appears it’s from a new collection, found more info here
    But seriously, it’s not obvious how to use this product unlike i.e. the blush, so some info should be involved.
    The choice of toner based on colour rather than its properties is not a great idea, imo. At least the choice works for you, so that’s fortunate

    1. Thank you for the info! Did not know about the page. I will email you about the lipstick hopefully tomorrow. Do not know the shade just that I decided not to keep it 🙂

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