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Avène Cleanance Micellar Water Review

Are you in search of a gentle, no-rinse makeup remover that is suitable for even the most sensitive skin? Avène Cleanance Micellar Water bills itself as the perfect solution — but does it really deliver on its promise?

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Avène Cleanance Micellar Water

Avène Cleanance Micellar Water is a skincare product designed for blemish-prone skin. It is marketed as a gentle cleansing solution that can effectively remove dirt, oil, and makeup residue without causing irritation. While it is a decent product, it falls short of the hype surrounding it.

One of the primary claims made by Avène is that its micellar water is gentle on the skin. In this regard, the product lives up to expectations. It does not contain harsh chemicals that can strip the skin of its natural oils, and it does not leave a sticky or greasy residue. It is also fragrance-free, making it a good choice for people with sensitive skin.

However, the product’s effectiveness at removing makeup is questionable. While it does remove some of the debris left behind by makeup, it is not the best at actually removing makeup itself. This is particularly true for waterproof or long-wearing makeup, which requires more effort to remove than the Avène micellar water can provide. While it is true that the product does well with traces left behind after oil cleansing or balm cleaning, it cannot be relied upon to remove makeup entirely (nor should it). However, it would be great if it would remove more makeup so that only traces are left for the second step of the cleaning process. Remember this is micellar water and not a toner which is traditionally much better suited after cleansing.

Another issue with Avène Cleanance Micellar Water is its cost. Compared to other micellar waters on the market, this product is relatively expensive. While it is not prohibitively expensive, it is not the most affordable option, either. Given its limited effectiveness at removing makeup, some may find it difficult to justify the extra cost.

Overall, Avène Cleanance Micellar Water is an okay product. It does what it claims to do in terms of gentle cleansing, and it is suitable for people with blemish-prone skin. However, its effectiveness at removing makeup leaves something to be desired. For those looking for micellar water that can remove makeup more effectively, there are better options available, including some from the drugstore.

One such option is Nivea MicellAIR Skin Breathe Micellar Water. This product is affordable, effective at removing makeup, and gentle on the skin. It has a similar formulation to the Avène micellar water, but it seems to do a better job at removing makeup. It also leaves the skin feeling refreshed and hydrated, making it a good choice for those with dry or dehydrated skin.

In terms of effectiveness, some of the dermato-cosmetics brands seem to produce better micellar waters than Avène. These brands are often more expensive than drugstore options, but they are known for their high-quality formulations and effectiveness. Brands such as Bioderma, La Roche-Posay, and Vichy have all been pretty great micellar waters, which are effective at removing makeup and cleansing the skin without causing irritation. I personally prefer Bioderma if I were to stay in the dermato-cosnetics area which is much better than classic drugstore brands.

In conclusion, while Avène Cleanance Micellar Water is a decent product, it falls short of the hype surrounding it. While it is gentle on the skin, it is not the best at removing makeup, and it is relatively expensive compared to other options. For those looking for an effective micellar water that can remove makeup more effectively, there are better options available. Dermato-cosmetics brands such as Bioderma, La Roche-Posay, and Vichy are all great alternatives even if you have sensitive skin or suffer from other skin concerns.

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  1. o

    I use micellar water only mornings when there’s not that much to clean after night. Evenings I use foaming cleansers, and if I wore makeup or SPF I use two step cleansing. So for me micellar water just needs not to leave my skin feeling dry and tight and it’s not a cosmetic I would pay much for.

    1. Nana

      I am not a huge fan of Michelle’s eater either. I use toners particularly K beauty ones which also have actives and some that even have a serum texture. However some micellar waters I do like for removing makeup before the oil or foam cleaning especially that from around the eye area. It is by no means a replacement for cleansing though :). However not a must have product either

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